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Friday, January 24, 2014

 I have about a million things to write about and what do I do? Not write...

I think it's time for a recap! So far 2014 has been a FLURRY of activity.

Frankly...I just need to do a recap of the last few weeks. 

*Two weeks ago, my friend Heidi and her family came down for the day on Saturday.

Her daughter stayed for a week and I had FUN. Trips to the library, lunch of fun plates, snacks in between meals, walks, playing with things like blocks and marbles and crayons, playing in the bath - life is exciting when you're four!

*We've celebrated three BIRTHDAYS this month.

I made chicken divan with bread sticks and salad with Angel Food Cake for Jay.

Then there was pizza and Caesar salad with Drumstick Cream Cheese Brownie thing for my brother's 14th.

Last night, I fixed steak, baked potatoes, and salad with chocolate, chocolate cupcakes for Ron.

*My Grandparents came for a visit last weekend.

*Monday brought a huge dose of CRAZY. The basement windows are being dug out which means there is one guy coming in and out of our house all day. I get it, it'd be awkward if he knocked every single time he came in, but still...It's kind of strange for a 6ft something construction worker to be coming in and out unannounced.

Yesterday morning, he came in at 7:30am...Mind you, I am sleeping in the living room because my room is TORN APART. So, there I am laying in the floor. The back door opens and I hear a booming, "How art thou?" You get the idea.

After a whirlwind of packing and furniture moving, there is now constant in and out, banging, sawing, and a radio that can be heard throughout the house. I kind of like the chaos. Plus, I am SUPER EXCITED about all of the light that will be coming in the windows and the fresh air that I will now have access to!

*It's been WARM and COLD.

*I've been finishing up my math class, switching out Christmas decorations for a few more snowman items, cooking and cleaning for all the parties and guests, reading through the Bible (I'm in 1 Samuel now), and watching Downton Abbey.

Now I really want to hear from YOU...

How has your 2014 been going? 

Any CRAZY stuff happening in your house? 

What are your evenings filled with?
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