January's End

Friday, January 31, 2014

How is today the LAST day of January? 

Frankly, looking back on this month has me feeling productive and blessed and sad to see it go. 
Over the course of January all of these things were accomplished:
* I chose GATHER as my word for 2014.
* I began a "read through the Bible as fast you can" plan.
* I learned to make YUMMY Mexican Rice. (I'm planning to share that with you soon.) 
* I packed up the contents of my bedroom to make room for the construction going on in there.
* The reality of CHANGE in my bedroom forced me to get a better idea of my plans for the space.
* A snow day happened - I bundled up and took some pictures (I wimped out the other times).
* Progress was made on a speech class I'm taking. Project 2,  a speech on George Washington is COMPLETE. 
* As of Tuesday, I'll be DONE with that math class I've been working on! 
Highlights from January:
* Spending the first day of 2014 at Jay's house.
* Celebrating Epiphany complete with a middle eastern feast.
* Going through Downton Abbey from the beginning.
* Skyping with friends. 
* Having so many visitors and reasons to celebrate! My favorite visit was the week I got to spend with Heidi's daughter! 

* Trying out Ree's recipe for Oatmeal Bars that I found in the back of a book...

* Learning that Ree writes children's books! My favorite so far is "Charlie Goes to School". 
* Spending several days with Alice, just because. 

January is over. I now have a HUGE window in my bedroom (the work isn't quite finished yet). I'm WAY closer to being able to say I'm DONE with college. Oh, and winter? It's one month closer to being OVER. 
What was accomplished in your life in January?
 What were some of your highlights?
I know February will fly by even faster, it always does...Are you ready?

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