One Hundred

Friday, February 28, 2014

Can I just be honest for a minute? I've been a little bit stressed lately. The house is turned UPSIDE down and nothing is where it belongs which makes cleaning a hastle. The renovation projects are at a stand still. The PRESSING thing is finishing up this english class and THEN continuing the work on the house.

You know how it is? You keep getting distracted from the things you NEED to do by everything else that's begging for your attention.

The key to getting out of the rut is simply working on stuff. Write the papers (check), edit the papers (check), prepare the papers to be presented in speech form (not check)... :)

This song by KB (in the video above) has been repeating itself in my brain!!!

The messy house with its renovation projects, the english class, the college degree - they're all just opportunities for me to give my all and in so doing be a testimony of the all that God is for and to me!

Stress is real, but then, so is the call to give it all to Him.

He prepared the work for me to do. I do it through Him and by His strength and for His glory.

Sometimes I do it poorly, but I fight the monsters of stress, procrastination, and perfection with that truth.

Now, I can thank Reach Records for another anthem to assist me in that fight!

What are you finding yourself stressing over lately?

What's your strategy to fight the stress and get stuff done? 

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