The Circle: Throwback Thursday

Thursday, June 26, 2014

When Kiki announced this month's theme for The Circle, I didn't quite know what to expect...When I found out that she was hoping we would share old pictures and links to some of our favorite posts, I was excited to go do some digging!

Today you get a flood of pictures from the early 90's (they're not dated, so that's all I can say about that) and a few from the last few years.

Doing "work" with my Ghiddu. I feel like this is a perfect picture of our times together.
With my Mom and brother at some kind of aquarium.
With my brother at the beach.
I just really liked this one...
September 2007
August 2009

February 2011
And now for a few links to some of my favorite posts from over the years...

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What 23 Years Looks Like 2013

In Its Time


  1. oh i loved seeing these pictures, you were such a gorgeous little girl and have grown into an even more gorgeous woman! :)

  2. I love seeing old photos and these photos do not disappoint--that photo of you looking at the geese is adorable! :) Thanks for linking up as always, friend!

  3. Your mom had some rockin' shorts in the 90s. However, I am thankful that her convictions changed. You are very blessed, just sayin'.


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