Two Days in June

Friday, June 27, 2014

When I was 9 years old my Mom forced me to go to vacation Bible school even though I begged and begged her not to make me go. Before that week was over I found myself realizing that I was in desperate need of God's forgiveness. That regular day in June became a super significant day in my life. After all, it was the day that I was born again. God knew me and called me to an eternity of knowing Him.

Many years have gone by. I've owned several Bibles, I've taught Vacation Bible School, I've read countless books, and poured over the Word. Ever since I got saved I've wanted to do one thing: Figure out the Bible and be changed by it. In many ways, it HAS changed me. God gave me a taste of Himself and I've always asked Him to KEEP me thirsty and to use His Word to lead me through my days.

Still, if I'm being honest, I have always known that SOMETHING has been missing. I may be a student of God's Word and I may be seeking to live by that Word, but I can't say that I really, really KNOW the Word.

I am 23 now and another regular day in June has become significant. This time, I read a 160 page book that taught me HOW to begin combating the problem of not really knowing the Word of God. This little book is called "Women of the Word: How to Study the Bible With Both Our Hearts and Our Minds". I finished reading it in one day and promptly spent one morning and one evening taking down everything that I had learned on a few pieces of paper.

In 160 pages on another regular day in June, Jen Wilkin laid out the tools and the processes that are necessary for me to truly KNOW the Word of God. Jen invites her readers to diligently work at being students of the Word in order to get to know God, Himself.

I don't think it's possible for me to give you enough reasons as to why you MUST read this book right away. You'll just have to trust me. This is book is unique. I have studied under a lot of teachers and none of them have given me such a step by step process as to HOW to ACTUALLY study the Bible. However, when Jen says she's writing a "how to", she means that she's writing a HOW TO! Jen's process will be with me for the rest of my life.

Even though those two June days were years apart, God made both of them life changing. I needed to be born again and I needed to be taught how to seek Him. I needed to know that the Bible is about God. I needed to know that when I go to the Bible I ought to be going there to behold Him.

Is Jen's way the ONLY way? No...But I will tell you this, Jen's way is concise, it is freeing, and it is effective. In "Women of the Word" you will have the opportunity to discover that "something" that is missing from your life as a Christian.

If you're like most women I know, you DO want to know God's Word and be changed by it, but you just don't know where to begin....Jen's book will take you by the hand!

You will learn to study the Bible with Purpose, Perspective, Process, Patience, and Prayer. There's even a chapter that lays out the steps one by one so that you can begin a study right away.

I've got a notebook loaded and I'm all set to begin a study of 1 Peter in order to see what it has to tell me about who God is and how He reigns and rules over everything. By God's grace I'm hoping to see how 1 Peter relates to all the other pages of Scripture. As I learn more about God, my view of myself will most certainly be affected and I will be called to respond with specific courses of action.

When fall rolls around I'm hoping that I will be well on my way to Comprehending, Interpreting, and Applying these 66 books that God has given to His people. And you know what else? I hope that you'll be joining me!

Women of the Word is scheduled to release in July. Go pre-order your copy today by clicking HERE!

 * I was provided with a review copy of this book by Crossway. All thoughts are my own honest opinion.


  1. Absolutely loved this book! I had written a "how to do Bible Study journal through Ephesians" prior to reading it, and this made me want to rewrite the whole thing, adding so much more! I too think this is a must read for all women! And, yay, for you really digging into scripture!

  2. I have been reading the Women of the Word devotions for this month. They have been so well written and encouraging. Hope to get a chance to look through Jen's book soon.


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