Let's Go Fly A Kite

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A few weeks ago, there was a VERY windy day. And what do kids do on a windy, "last few days of summer" day? They fly a kite! 

I haven't flown a kite in YEARS, probably over 10 years to be exact. When I was growing up, kite flying was pretty much limited to windy days at the beach. 
As you can tell, I am sure that this kite got picked up on some beach vacation.

On this particular day, I didn't actually fly the kite. I just watched and grabbed the camera. 

I had just as much fun watching the operation as they had flying it! The laughter, the instructions, the panic as it got too close to the trees. 

I was watching as two children, who really aren't "children" anymore, were having a good time. 

Who ever knew that this girl and this boy could become such a part of me? These are the babies I "made room" for. The toddlers I adored. The kids I was always trying to surprise and delight. The two that made me grow up and look "OLD". These two are the friends who go with me on picnics, hikes, horse rides, and to the movies. Who have come along on countless shopping trips and doctor's appointments.They made going out for fries and milkshakes fun and exciting.Playing countless games, having heart-to-hearts, pulling loose teeth, doing chores, cleaning bedrooms (ie HAZARDOUS areas), and making believe.

As young as I am, these two have made me feel like I've done pretty much everything I hope to do in life. (I have the gray hairs to prove it!)

They're right behind me. Always watching, always listening. They're right behind me, growing into a lovely lady and a great guy. They're right behind me, enjoying the "summer" of their life. 

One day, it will all be over. We'll all have very separate lives of our own. Maybe we'll all live close and get together just because. Maybe we'll live far away and only see each other on holidays.

Only God knows what things will turn out like. In the meantime, I'm very grateful for the time that we have had!


  1. ok. I need to do this. stat.

  2. what fun. it has been much too many years since i've flown a kite. must correct that!!

  3. <3 flying kites and growing hearts <3 it!

  4. Sure...make me cry. ...and you know I do not cry.


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