Drinking From the Fountain of Living Water

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

First thing this morning, my little sister bundled up and headed for the barn to take care of her horses. While this can take a while, it took her longer than usual this morning. She finally came inside. When she did, she had a smile on her face, a smile that I could hear in her voice before I even saw her face! As she began talking, I looked up from the work I was doing. She told me that she had met with the Lord. Growing up in a Christian family often means that your faith becoming your own is unique. She has had a heart for the Lord and prayer for quite a while. Many people would have said that she has been a Christian for a long time. Maybe she has. But, in her mind, this morning will be a day she remembers for hte rest of her life.

This morning she met the Lord. She praised Him in song. She was led to kneel before Him in prayer. She literally felt Him work in her heart and mind. I praise God for being able to hear of the work He has done in her life. I praise God for being able to be a part of the work He will do in and through her life.

This evening, at her request I gathered with her and my little brother for a Bible study. We were reading about how we were created by God to be worshipers. The ultimate worship we were created to enjoy is worship of our Holy God, the very One who Created us. The One who is our Redeemer, Justifier, and Sanctifier. The One who walked with Adam and Eve, Abraham, David, and Paul. The One who crafted beauty from the bitter life Ruth and Naomi faced. The One who walked with Spurgeon, Edwards, Owen, Whitefield, and Mueller. The One who walks with the likes of John Piper, Lecrae Moore, Matt Chandler, Mark Dever, Francis Chan, and all the saints who are risking their lives to enjoy God forever. Yes, He is working in our lives. Lives that no one outside of our direct acquaintance may know. Yet, He works in us. He saves us.

He has made us to be worshipers of Him.

Last year the fact that we were made to know God and make Him known became very real to me. I am alive, I am saved to know God and make Him known.

This evening something else became real to me. We are alive, we are saved to become worshipers of God. Each day that we wake up, wether we are young and have our lives ahead of us or find ourselves in a nursing home wishing we would just die already, we can face each day saying, "This day has been given to me to become a worshiper of God!"

May we become worshipers of God, today. May we use today to become worshipers of God who help those around us become worshipers of God who help those around them become worshipers of God.

By God's grace we can and we will and it will be very good, indeed!

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  1. What joy that must have brought you to see her face and hear her excitement that she had met with God! With that much joy because your sister is following God, isn't it overwhelming to imagine the joy that you will have for your children walking with God? John was right--no greater joy exists!


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