August 1st

Friday, August 01, 2014

Last night, I noticed that it felt like fall. The air had that little bit of crisp to it that tells you fall will be here before you know it. And then this morning it was August 1st and it just seemed like summer was gone. The sky was grey and moody and that crispness was still there.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love fall. It's just that I am not ready to say goodbye to summer quite yet.

I'm enjoying the flowers and the vegetables and the green grass and the air that feels like a warm blanket. I'm enjoying the swims and the cookouts and meeting up with friends just because.

Still...The leaves that are beginning to litter the grass, the blooms on my mums and cosmos,  and those first hints of crisp night air are the reminders that fall will be here soon.

Fall is inevitable and my response is planning. I've added several titles to my fall reading list, I'm starting to consider the things that will need to be done in the yard, and I've been preparing for the next few months. I've even started looking forward to things like hot coffee, long sleeves, and nights that come a little earlier.

There is beauty in each season. In their own way they remind me that my God is in control, that He knows best, and that He does not change. I'm grateful for the seasons and the memories and the hope that I hold for each season. I'm grateful that even these things remind me of the hope of eternity that has been made mine because of Jesus Christ.

These years are so short. However beautiful or difficult or terrifying they may be, these years are ours to use all that we know and enjoy to join together pointing our finger to the heavens with one chorus: "Glory to God!!!!"

It's August 1st and I'm being reminded that fall is on the way. And I guess that's okay!

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  1. It never seems like I'm ready for the new season, and yet it arrives just the same. I love that God is constant no matter what. Great reminder! Happy August :)


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