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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Whenever I travel, I always bring paper and a few books. I almost never use either. On my vacation last month, I learned that  vacations are for a lot of things and reading is not one of them. I also learned that the day after vacation seems to be about nothing other than reading.

While on vacation I did spend spare minutes getting a good start on F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Last Tycoon". I love Fitzgerald. I've been saving this last (and unfinished) novel of his for "the perfect time". This summer just felt like time.

The day after vacation I was not quite ready to be done with Fitzgerald, so I decided to move onto the next book on my reading list. That's when, an hour later, I realized that I wouldn't be putting down "Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library" until it was finished.

I did take a few breaks (to eat and go to the store and things like that)...but I basically spent all of Saturday making my way through the book. My brother and sister are now eager to read this random book that I read because I found it on goodreads. My Mom already devoured the book and has spread the word to our local library where we hope to host an event featuring the game that goes with it.

"Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library" is Willy Wonka meets The Westing Game meets something else that I just can't quite put my finger on. I was hooked because of the pure genius of Mr. Lemoncello and an eagerness to figure out the puzzles before the kids in the story.

Grabenstein loves books and games and works them into this novel. I was pleased to see some of my favorite novels showing up! There were also plenty that I've never read, so I'll be looking into them before too long.

If you're looking for a quick read that will get you thinking and take you back to your favorite books that you read growing up, you'll find it in "Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library" for sure!

My Mom started that book on that Sunday morning, so I grabbed Fitzgerald and joined her on the patio for a bit. We read until it got too hot and then started planning a bit of geocaching. After we got back much later that night, I settled in with Fitzgerald and stopped with 10 pages left.

That's the kind of reader I REALLY am. I hate for a good story to end, even when I have a whole stack of books to dig into next.

What CAN'T Fitzgerald write? This one is written from the perspective of a young woman and it captures that dilemma that is life in Holywood. He always weaves in vague references to romance that I wish he would have avoided. However, he handles setting with perfection and the human mind in a way that is almost spooky. Every book convinces me that Fitzgerald GOT people. Was it living when he did? Was it living with the problems that he did? Whatever it was, he's brilliant.

So...Make time to read! I can't help but believe that you'll be glad you did!


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  1. Those books all sound great! The only Fitzgerald book I've ever read is The Great Gatsby...not sure why I've never picked up more! And I've discovered that when I go on vacation, I can't read fiction...I get too sucked in, and have a hard time focusing on vacationing haha. The day after vacation is a much better reading day!

  2. ok i'm going to have to put that game/mystery book on my list...it sounds like the perfect quirky read! And I know what you mean - that feeling of sadness when you finish a book and feel like you miss the characters, haha. #readerproblems


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