Currently pt. 4

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

All pictures were taken August 6, 2014

August is going to be a bit crazy. There are so many things that MIGHT happen and about twice as many things that are pretty much set in stone. If I talk a lot about wanting to cry or run a tent peg through my own temple or how overwhelmed I am with the grace of God, you'll know I'm being REAL. :)  

Let's forget about all of the what ifs and maybes and just focus on what falls into the CURRENTLY category, shall we?

Currently I am...

Reading: "Tidewater Inn" by Colleen Coble. It's the book I've looked forward to MOST this summer. Looking for some great books? Click HERE to check out my summer stack!

Enjoying: Spontaneous fellowship.

I've had some extra time with just my sister. I love that girl and our times together are some of the best. She's a dreamer and a plotter and a go-getter. I love watching her do what she does!

The stranger who became a fast friend after HOURS of soul talk.

The other night Heidi texted me at like 8:30 to ask me to accompany her while she took her daughter in to the doctor the next day. Summer hasn't had us spending much time together so it was great to be with her and her kids for the day.

Jay came over and we walked through the first section of Ecclesiastes together later that same day.

God knows what my soul needs.

Listening to: Some new podcasts (which I'll be talking about soon), HOLY HIP HOP, and an audiobook. Labels like Reach Records, Clear Sight Music, Lamp Mode, Cross Movement Records, and Collision Records have been my close companions for over ten years. Let's just say, I know what my soul needs too.

Photographing: The leaves that are already beginning to fall, the cosmos that are blooming like crazy, and the fields that just won't stop catching my eye.

Feeling: You don't even WANT to know. I've been a MESS lately. So...I get alone with God. I try to keep doing what I'm supposed to be doing. I turn the music up. I let the tears come. I go back to the Gospel again and again and again. "Unwell" could my theme song, but I'm dwelling on Flame's "Starting Over" instead!

What are YOU up to?

Are you joining Jenna and Anne for the link up?


  1. I <3 colleen she is such a great writer!
    AND YES! spontaneous fellowship is where it is at!
    ::hugs:: God loves us even in spite of our messy hearts. keep pouring out to Him girl <3

  2. Such a pretty photo of those lovely blooms. Thanks for linking up!

  3. That book looks like a great summer read! I've never heard of it. Your "photographing" description makes me really excited for fall! I just love when the leaves turn. Have they started changing colors already there?


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