My Victory In Jesus: A Link- Up

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

When I think about my victory in Jesus Christ, I can only think back as far as the day that I became aware of it…

I was 9 years old, attending a VBS that I begged not to attend, and living a life that I wished not to live. The teacher chose to focus on God’s love and the free gift of eternal life that He holds out to people. On Thursday or Friday, I “opened” that gift that she and God placed before me and that moment is what I consider the beginning of my conscious walking with God.

I didn’t come to Christ scared of hell or even all that aware of my sin.

I came to Christ bearing the burden of life on this earth. Coming to Christ did not make my troubles go away or my life easier.

Over the next few years I began to do the things that they told us to do: read your Bible, pray, and go to Church. The next year, my parents were saved. I began to question what was REALLY next. I was doing all of those things that Christians do. With the help of my Mom I was not doing the things that a lot of my friends were doing. The flack started and that’s when I really began to question what was supposed to be next. I liked getting to know God and doing what pleased Him. I wanted to know Him better and do more of what He called His people to do. 

All through jr. high, I struggled my way through figuring things out. What SHOULD my life look like? What SHOULD I do after high school? I slowly started filling my time with things other than the friends that just wanted me to be like them and talk a whole lot less about this “Jesus”.

The summer that I was 15, I had the opportunity to go to a camp that taught me about that next “now what”. The camp turned out to be a spiritual bootcamp. It left several hundred teenagers TIRED at the end of the day and turning off our own lights before the 10:30 “lights out”. We spent most of the days in lectures, small group discussions, and mandatory silences where we were supposed to meet with God on our own. There were times for games and there was plenty of food, but what most of us were wanting more of was simply God Himself.

After that week I went home finally GETTING that I was created and saved and still on this earth for God’s glory. In fact, I learned that EVERYTHING in this earth is MAINLY about God’s glory. 

With a lecture by Dr. R.C. Sproul, I saw that God is “holy, holy, holy.”

With a lecture by Dr. John Piper, I saw that “God is more glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.”

Those verses that I had been reading in 1 Corinthians and Ephesians and Romans and Galatians and Colossians and James all came together and I realized that life is about living to know God and to make Him known. I realized what treasure I had in Christ and why it is necessary to continue life on this earth.

From 15 on, I began to focus on Biblical womanhood, studying God’s Word, and looking for His hand in everything. To be honest, I became a little proud and arrogant. For once in my life I was SURE of something and SURE that it would NEVER be shaken. It felt really good!

Just before I turned 20, I moved away from home to do some student teaching. On that trip, my convictions were made more sure and I got the chance to be humbled. I was still SURE, but I learned how to be graceful about it.

Next month I’ll turn 24. I’m still getting that graceful thing down. I’m still enthralled with the glory of God and excited to be on mission through Him, for Him, and by Him. I’m still living a victory that is only mine in Jesus Christ. Life still isn’t easy and I still have to remind myself that EVERYTHING exists for the glory of God.

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  1. love. love. love. your testimony! it is beautiful and shows that God moves in all ways - and continues to sharpen us even after we accept Him.
    the truth is - I'm glad you talked about pride - Christians can be so prideful (myself included) so slices of humble pie are need to help us grow!

  2. You have such a beautiful story, Victoria! I love that God continues to work on us, mold and shape us with every experience we have. Thank you for reaching out to me and encouraging me and other women to share our story of how God was victorious. You are awesome!

  3. I came to Christ when I was 6 :) I think it's so cool that your parents were saved shortly after you! I think it's easy to wonder what is "supposed" to happen or be next, but following God's leading brings me such peace to know that he is guiding my steps. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. I love reading people's stories and getting to see how they came to know Christ. I think it's amazing that God writes such unique stories and that He uses us to share His love--which is exactly what you've done/do! :)

    And I also loved hearing more about why and how you decided to go into teaching. It's another favorite read of mine!

  5. This was a wonderful testimony. God is good.


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