The Circle: Christmas Wish Lists

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

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CONFESSION: I used this wish list graphic in a Currently post a few months ago! It contains some "wishy" items, some "gotta have it" items, and one item that has already been taken care of.  

* Classic Trench Coat - I've loved these coats ever since I was a little girl! I don't know how practical they are where I live since it's always either super hot or super cold, but this is a WISH list. 

* Donut Pan - This is a for real gift idea for me. I would put this thing to some serious use! 

* Milk Frother - I hear that Nespresso machines are amazing. I don't have room in my kitchen for the machine and I don't really have one for this either, but again, this is a WISH list. 

* Slippers - Another real gift idea. My current slippers have all seen better days. A nice pair of slippers would great.

* Knife - My Mom picked up one of these knifes at Wal-Mart four summers ago. It became my FAVORITE knife, but I need a replacement! (NOTE: After a trip to Costco, this item has since been taken off my list.) 

* Display Box -  Another real gift idea. I've heard Hobby Lobby has these and I think they are gorgeous! I love keeping things that I use often out so that I can get to them easily. I'm always looking for cute 
options to keep them contained. 

What's on your wish list this year?

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  1. My granddaughter just came up to me and asked me to let her look at slippers. ;) They moved into a house with tile and hardwood floors. They are cold, she tells me.

  2. I love the trench coat. Hmm...I guess I could use a new computer.

  3. i remember this graphic, and i still want all of it hahahhaa.

  4. My current slippers are 10 years old. They have DEFINITELY seen better days. I didn't realize it until just recently, haha! It's probably time for new ones. :)

  5. Ooh, I love that trench coat! Definitely classy and still so much fun. I hope you get one! :) And I also love the slippers, display case, and donut pan, too!


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