Ask & Answer pt. 1

Friday, December 12, 2014

November 8, 2014

On Monday, I introduced this new series HERE. You asked a bunch of questions and we're ready for round one! Don't forget to share your answers in the comments. 

Here are mine.

How did God save you? 

Long story short, God saved me through a VBS that I didn't want to go to. I was 9 years old and that was only the beginning. :) You can read a more thorough version HERE (or HERE or HERE) if you're interested. 

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

Years ago my Mom found out about Christmas Crackers. They're British and they're loads of fun. We crack them one at a time so that we can take turns putting on our crown, checking out our prize, and telling the joke that comes inside.

What is your most embarrassing moment?   

I asked my family to help me out with this one...I think we agreed that it was the time I was caught cheating. Please, let me explain myself! 

We were at our home fellowship group and about 20 of the "young people" gathered around to play spoons. I had never heard of this game before. With that many people it was very loud and competitive. I joined in and I was doing very well!!! All of a sudden, a boy that was sitting behind me piped up, "Hey!!! You can't do that! Victoria's cheating!!!!"  

It turns out that you need FOUR of a kind to pick up a spoon first, not three. I was terribly embarrassed, because I honestly thought you only needed three.  

During what time of day are you most productive?

The after dinner hours used to be my most productive time, but right now I do my best work between 8am and 1:30ish.

And that brings us to the end of round one! Be sure to share your answers.

If your question wasn't asked, I'll include it in another round. Feel free to ask more questions any time!


  1. i love Christmas crackers! :)

  2. 20 people playing spoons sounds like it would be a total WAR, but lots of fun!

  3. I haven't quite figured out my best working time yet but, one of my favorite Christmas traditions is riding around in the car on Christmas Eve looking at Christmas lights :] xo

  4. Haha! I would've been super embarrassed by that too. But at least it was an honest mistake!

  5. I'm most productive in the mornings usually. Once I get home from work, it's all over for me.

  6. 1. It was at a children's revival.
    2. Hmm...this is a hard one. I have so many. I think one of the best is when we would go as a family to pick out the Christmas tree! Loved that!
    3. I have a lot of embarrassing's hard to figure out just one! Lol
    4. I'm most productive in the evening. I'm not a morning person..although I am getting better.

    Great questions! I look forward to this series! :)

  7. Awww, you are so sweet! You technically weren't cheating since you didn't know the rules. :) Some family friends of mine always get crackers for NYE, and as a kid we always looked forward to them. We haven't spent NYE with those friends for years now. I might have to go and pick some up for Christmas, though! What a fun tradition!
    Love getting to know you more, Victoria!

  8. Anonymous8:38 AM

    What a good post idea! I've never heard of Christmas crackers but I have to go check those out! I'm least productive in the early afternoon. The after-lunch slump is real!! I'm also pretty useless when I get home from work but I can get on a roll after about 7pm and bang out a ton of household tasks or administrative things for work.

  9. I never heard of Christmas crackers. You have a fun family.

  10. We have the same "most productive" time! Also, I feel your pain on the embarrassing moment…at least it was an honest mistake though!


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