A Watch Story

Thursday, January 22, 2015

You may not know it, but I hang onto things forever. There's that one t-shirt in my closet that my brother got on a trip to Virginia in 1999. I still wear it. There are two signs that my Mom and my best friend made for me for my 13th Birthday that have sat behind my dresser ever since I finally took them off my wall all those years ago. And then, there's my watch...

It's nothing overly fancy, but it's special to me. I got it for Christmas when I was 17 and I have worn it pretty much every day ever since. If you're looking for a watch, be sure to check out Invaluable! I recently found out about them and they have a great selection of watches for men and women just waiting for you to bid on them. Invaluable will help you find a watch that you love as much as I love the one my Mom had waiting under the tree for me that Christmas.

It has survived so many disasters. The first week I got it, I banged it on the door of the dryer when I was pulling out clothes one day. I examined it to see exactly one scratch on the face and got really sad over that little scratch. The next summer, I dropped it on the floor at the Ranch and broke one of the numbers off. As soon as I got home, I sent it to Fossil to have it fixed. Those two weeks of waiting for it to be returned to me seemed to drag on and on.

This watch has been with me through some of the toughest and most exciting years of my life. It came with me to Massachusetts, to Mount Vernon, and to New York City. It kept time for me when I struggled to find my joy in God. It came with me while I helped my friend Alice get back on her feet and when I got to join my friend Heidi while she cared for her daughter and her brand new son.

Whenever I check the time, my watch tells me more than the current time, it reminds me of all the moments that have already happened. I plan to hang onto it.

Does your watch have a story?

This post is brought to you in partnership with Invaluable.


  1. So, I used to have a thumb ring I wore all the time. I even lost it a few times but always found it again. Then, a few years ago, I lost it for real. It was the saddest thing, and even now I still feel for it on my thumb sometimes. It's kind of silly how certain things you get really attached to.

  2. That's just like Christopher! He has a Fossil watch that he got in high school and he STILL loves it and wears it often! :)


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