I Like Remembering...

Monday, January 26, 2015

I went to visit Alice last Wednesday afternoon. We spent some time talking and pretty soon our conversation took the turn that it doesn't always take. Alice started remembering things that she hadn't thought about for years. On this particular afternoon, she remembered a colt and his mother...

Alice was the first to ride him. She chose to take him out to a field that had recently been plowed so that if she fell off, the ground wouldn't be so hard. He didn't like it, but she rode him and she didn't fall off. She recalled loving that horse. She couldn't help remembering his mother, an ornery horse that everyone but Alice found very difficult to ride. Alice rode her and made her obey and they had good times together.

I don't know either horses' name - Alice didn't mention those. I don't know what colors they were or how long they lived. I don't know if they liked apples or carrots.

I do know one thing. Remembering is sweet.

Alice finished her stories with these words, "I like remembering...I remembered! And it was good."

Yes, Alice, I like it when you remember too. It is good.


  1. That is so sweet. You have a way with words that is beautiful and poetic. Thanks for sharing and I love to remember too.

  2. this is so precious, and captured so well in your beautiful writing.


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