A Month of Saturdays

Monday, February 02, 2015

I already decided that 2015 is going to be about dreaming, reaching, and breathing. So far, so good!

Along with my new site design, I'm introducing a new series. It's going to be reminiscent of The Scenic Route, but I'm calling it "A Month of Saturdays". Sometime near the beginning of each month, I hope to have a post dedicated to sharing pictures and a few words from the Saturdays of the previous month. Here goes!

January was fabulous!!!! The first part was spent with friends and family on the other side of the country.  It was great to be in the same house as my brother again. Our trip was full of warm welcomes, awesome food, tons of games, geocaching (even with crazy hair because of a storm that we wouldn't let stop us), laughs, and some of the hardest goodbyes (which I prefer to call "see you laters") I've ever said.

The flight back home wasn't an easy one to make...But, we all put our soldier faces on and we're making it! The friends and celebrations waiting for us helped! We rang in Jay's 74th Birthday, my brother's 15th birthday, and have had lots of rain and fog. Being home has made for lots of fun in the kitchen, reading days, movie nights, and PIZZA.

Like I said, January was fabulous! Dreams of moving south were re-awakened. Motivation to reach up and out in every area of my life became real again. The reminder to breathe in the sweet aroma of life as a Christian was placed back in my soul.

God's goodness has overwhelmed me! With the happiest of tears streaming down my face, I look back and I look ahead! January was fabulous because my God is fabulous.

What was January like for you?

What has been the best kind of overwhelming to you lately? 


  1. i love your new design/layout!! :) also, this post idea is great! looks like January really was fabulous for you & with great food to boot!

    how is hidden agenda??!! i have wanted to read it, it looks interesting!

  2. I also love the new design!! It looks great. I think this is a really fun post idea too. I'm glad January was so good to you!! I cannot believe it's already over!? I love all the pictures! And that pizza looks sooo good...

  3. I love the new look and I'm glad you had fun Saturdays.

  4. I'm loving the new design!!! It looks awesome! And this is such a good idea for a series…excited to see more. Please send some of that pizza and cake my way? ;-)

  5. I love the design! And I'm excited about this series! Is it going to be a linkup or just something you are doing? :)

  6. You guys look so happy together! I'm so glad you had such a great time with your family, girl! You might have blogged about this at some point and I missed it, but why is it that you live so far away from family?

  7. Mehmaw9:20 AM

    Rach, her mother's sin is the reason she is here and the reason we live so far away from family. :-/ However, God is good, and in control, so I can say with full assurance that the sting is only temporal.

    Now, Sis, that picture of us after the geostorm...let's evaluate, shall we? I look like the tsunami monster! :-) Though it was a very fun day! Glad for you that most pictures of me are horrid (imo), so the truly 'bad' ones aren't really all that bad! In fact, I look pretty good! (insert laughing crying guy here).


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