The Best Somebody

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Here's a poem by one of my favorite writers. Over the last seven months, our lives have been gravitating around theatre which may be why this poem appealed to me. I have a feeling you're going to enjoy it too.

Act III, Scene ii by Madeleine L'Engle 

Someone has altered the script.
My lines have been changed.
The other actors are shifting roles.
They don't come on when they're expected to,
and they don't say the lines I've written
and I'm being upstaged.
I thought I was writing this play
with a rather nice role for myself,
small, but juicy
and some excellent lines.
But nobody gives me my cues
and the scenery has been replaced.
I don't recognize the new sets.
This isn't the script I was writing.
I don't understand this plot at all.

To grow up
is to find
the small part you are playing
in this extraordinary drama
written by
somebody else.

Theatre life or not, I can relate to these words soooo much! It's a lesson that we all have to learn. The thing is, that somebody is the best somebody. We can trust Him. His script is far better than ours. I'll be keeping this poem close by for a while!

Who is one of your favorite writers? 


  1. I've never read her poetry. In fact, I remember reading A Wrinkle in Time in 5th grade and HATING it! I've never picked up another one of her books. they tell me I need to give her another try. It might be time.

  2. I haven't read this before! Well said, Ms. L'Engle!


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