Death is Not Dying

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Three weeks ago, I met a lady who was coming to the end of her life.

She was young, just in her 40's. 

Back in February she found out that she had lung cancer. Over the last few months she found out that the cancer was taking over. It had spread to other places in her body. 

This woman is married and has a 12 year old daughter.

Meeting this family was bittersweet. They know the Lord and seem to be walking with Him, even now. 

I spent a week getting to know them at the ranch. My mornings were spent on the front porch of their little cabin talking with this lady and getting to know her. 

My afternoons were often spent sitting under the trees with her daughter talking about life and summer plans. 

Several evenings were spent talking with their whole family and laughing about old stories from the past. 

At the end of the week, we talked as though we would all see each other again sometime. 
We will. Just, maybe not on this side of heaven. 

You see, less than two weeks after we said our goodbyes, I got news that this lady (whose name also happens to be Victoria) has passed away. 

Her battle against life and death is finished. As far as I know, she is now free from cancer and free from death. She has faced it. Christ has faced the consequences of sin for her. 

So, I am happy for her. Happy that whatever she had to do on this earth is finished. Happy that I got to meet her. Happy that she knew the Lord and will get to know Him better for the rest of time. 

I am also sad for her family that she left behind. They will miss her. Her daughter's birthday is coming up and the celebration will not be the same. Her husband is left to raise their daughter without her. 

God knows what He's doing. He knows why I am nearly 22 and still have all of my parents. He knows why I am so close to my Mom. He knows when these things will be taken from me. 

Not only does He know WHY. He makes life what it is. 

Your life. My life. This sweet family's life. 

He is at work. 

Pray for this family that they may press on and have the joy and peace of the Lord.


  1. the sweetest thing (amongst many things!) to me about dying and being in the presence of the Lord is knowing we will really be able to experience peace to the brim. without having to fight for it. what a gift it will be!!

  2. fantastic entry.
    I couldn't have worded it better myself, Death is most definitely NOT true.!
    The people in her life have been blessed to know her and she was blessed to know them, all in all it's a beautiful doesn't mean that beauty doesn't bring pain, it does, but it still is beautiful.
    How can you appreciate the joy if you do not know the depths of pain?


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