Good Afternoon

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's that time again, fall is HERE. 

Today, I have been enjoying a nice quiet afternoon at home. I love afternoons like this. 

When I was really young, I would rush home after school and eat a snack. Then I would head straight outside to play until it was time for dinner, chores, or homework, whichever came first.

When I was a little older, it meant sports practice or a bus ride to a game, and then the rest of the evening plans. 

When all of that was over, it became nice to just sit and be still. The air is quiet, clean, and cool. The sky is blue, leaves are falling off the trees, and the sounds of lawnmowers are no more. 

Today, I happen to have a roast cooking in the crock pot. I sat down a little while ago with a couple of cookies from the freezer and to make a little more progress in the book I have been reading. I ended up taking a short nap right on the couch. Then, I went outside to bring in some sheets that I set out to dry earlier and enjoyed the stillness that much more.

It makes me want to pour a glass of tea and just sit in a rocking chair or on the porch swing. Just to listen. To just watch. Just to think. 

I thought about taking pictures to share with you, but then I just decided to enjoy the day and give you words. I'll let you "take" your own pictures! 

The sun is bright. The sky is blue. Shadows and leaves are everywhere. You get the idea. It's beautiful. And quiet. And peaceful. It's fall. 

Enjoy this season, ladies! We all have our favorite seasons and our favorite things about each one. 

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