The Scenic Route

Monday, September 17, 2012

The weekend is over. The guests are all gone. I survived and there is food left over.

I realized something this weekend...Well, I'm pretty sure I already knew it and just forgot. Anyway, before guests come I clean like crazy. While guests are here I resist the urge to keep cleaning like crazy as they make messes. (I'm not used to having a little ones around with food and crumbs and fingerprints on everything.) When the guests leave I clean like crazy, again.

Where there are people there is cooking and cleaning to be done. And it just so happens that that's not so bad! In fact, those are two of my favorite things to do. Seriously!

In other news, we stayed up late, ate every time I turned around, talked a lot, laughed more, and enjoyed the last cook out of the summer.


For today's "scenic route" post, I'm going to share some pictures of a drive I took a while back. I have wanted to capture some roadside "sun flowers" for quite a while now. I know they're not actually sunflowers, but whatever they are, as I drive by that's what they remind me of.

On this particular day, I pulled over and got my camera out not minding the cars that happened to pass by. Thankfully, no one stopped! And even more thankfully, I was stopped because I wanted to be, not because of any kind of trouble or problem. 

Hope you had a nice weekend! Has anyone else noticed that the days are getting considerably shorter? What do you do with long nights?

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  1. lovely images. It is so important to stop and see these beautiful details.


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