Frankly Friday

Friday, September 14, 2012

Amy, I can't thank you enough for coming up with this. I am loving this prompt.

I have decided to get frank about 9/11.

I "love" my country, I am glad to live here. I am grateful for the many men and women who have spent their lives helping to make sure that I have a place where I can live with true freedom.

America was founded and (despite the work and opinions of many) still exists so that everyone can live not as they might want, but rather, as they ought.

Yes, I said it.

We're a Christian nation ladies and gents.

Which brings me to the real point of this post. 

I remember September 11, 2001. I know exactly what I was doing. I pretty much know what happened that day, and the day after, and the months that followed.

Every year, I remember.

But, I also get a sick feeling in my stomach when I think of how people respond.

9/11 should have sent us all to our knees. The days that followed should have had us all raising our hands to God with praise and thanksgiving.

It's not about remembering what happened 11 years ago on that day....What's even more amazing is looking at what we have been given. To this day, we are STILL FREE to do as we ought.

We are free in Christ and we are even free in America. Free to become like Him.

We can praise God for the gift of  His Son and His grace.

We can praise God for His DAILY work and provision and protection in our lives.

We can praise God that we have a country like the one we do.

I guess what I'm saying is, please let 9/11 go. Don't let remembering that day distract you from making a big deal out of something even more important.

Yes, lives were lost that day. A country was very much changed.

But, TODAY. We still have TODAY

On September 11, 2013 (and everyday until that day), I challenge you to think about the SOULS that are around you. The souls that need love while they are still here.

By God's grace, not everyone on those planes faced wrath.

By God's grace, we all have today and know others who are living it too. We are surrounded by people who may come to know the HOPE that God has given us.

In her post, Becky wrote these words about 9/11:
"This world is fallen, and our only hope is in Him."

So, let's remember THAT.

We humans do some pretty terrible things. Every terrible thing that happens is a reminder of who God is and just exactly what we are. What we are shows us how much we desperately need Him.

His goodness is what makes our wickedness so clear. For, we know we are wicked when we are not as good as He is.

Don't be any kind of terrorist in the lives of people around you. So, maybe you're not driving planes full of people into towers. Maybe you're just inconsiderate and rude. Maybe you are impatient and cutting.

Show the LOVE of Christ. The love that brings joy and peace and life to those around you.

If we learn anything from 9/11, may it be this:

The urgency of life and death
The goodness of God
The wickedness of humans and their need for a Savior
The call to be like Christ and the work of God making it happen


This is the "best" picture of the super moon that I got. I'm not impressed, but I know you saw the moon that night. As cliche as it sounds: As the moon shines by reflecting the light of the sun, so we were created to shine by reflecting the light of the Son of God.

*Pictures in this post: Washington DC 2007//Ocean City Boardwalk 2007//Historic Fort in Virginia 2007//Highway somewhere along the way 2007// Super Moon 2012


  1. It is absolutely true. We should be DAILY concerned with the lives that we have been blessed to be a part of.
    Death is a part of life, terrorism unfortunately happens, and people (who are sinful) will always fail.
    Thanks for sharing this today!!

  2. This post has me so pumped up! I don't even know you but as I read it it was like you were a motivational speaker in my head addressing an entire crowd. :) I liked it! I liked everything you said! Hooray to you for being gutsy enough to voice several things I had been thinking this week!


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