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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

This month has been FLYING by. This very cold morning, I just want to take a minute to leave a little trail of what's been happening. I'll share pictures and then explain them after each set. :) Just an FYI, this is a LONG post.


I spent the first Saturday of the month touring the countryside with my Mom and our friend Jay. It was fun to drive around looking at things and hearing what was what from a guy that grew up in this area. He actually knows things. He has an old Jeep so we loaded it with snacks, blankets, and everything necessary for a nice Saturday out. We finished the day off with dinner at my FAVORITE Mexican Restaurant.  Oh and ice cream. From a truck that we came across.



We also checked out a circus recently. It was fun to see the animals and really just watch my brother and sister experience a circus for the first time. I have seen a couple of different ones and while this one didn't "wow" me, it was just nice to enjoy them enjoying things. It was also the first time we realized that my brother has officially grown taller than my Mom. At barely 5'2", it was only a matter of time before all of her children passed her up. As of September 2013, it happened. 

(That would be flour on my Mom's face...She's hilarious!)
I turned 23 on the 12th. We celebrated with a s'mores cake on Sunday the 15th. I'm still kind of wondering WHERE 23 even came from. The celebration was perfect. I arranged to pick up my friend Alice so that she could be here. Ron and Julie and Jay also joined in. We ate cake, visited, and Jay ended up hanging around until we all headed to church that evening. 
The pictures here would look like a lot of food, washing windows, etc.. etc...
I won't give you those. :)
Then Monday came and it was time to kick preparing for the huge get together we had at our house this last weekend into HIGH GEAR. Twelve extra people kind of got added at what I consider the last minute. No big deal...HA! 
Friday the company started rolling in. We've had this end of summer (won't see you until after winter is over) get together for three years now. Most of the people that come for it live quite a ways away and once snow starts flying, we don't see much of each other. 
This year, was a little different. Saturday night and Sunday were my favorite. 
Saturday night a bunch of people headed to the back yard to watch a movie and the rest of us stayed inside for an Apples to Apples marathon. We must have played for three hours. The house was quiet, the littlest of the children were sleeping, and we just enjoyed visiting and competing. 
Sunday it got cold and even rained a little. The family of twelve left and the rest of us just laid around the living room talking or not. I love it when people can be together and just relax.
 Eventually, it was four o'clock and no one was even hinting at leaving. My friends Heidi, Tessa, and I headed out to pick up pizzas for dinner. 
After dinner, everyone started loading up. I got to go outside with Turner (the baby I spent much of this year with) who was very grumpy when he woke up from his nap. We said our goodbyes and then invited Ron and Julie over for a late dinner since we still had some pizza left. 
Monday was all about cleaning up, doing laundry, and then I sat for several hours and finished reading "Persuasion". Now I know why people love it so much. Once I was used to her language, I was hooked. It was soooo hard not to read it during all the chaos of the last few weeks!  

Yesterday, as I was getting ready to head out for violin lessons (my brother and sister are taking them, not me) I got hit by the geocaching bug. I'm trying desperately to get them to love it as much as I do....Yesterday we ended up 4 for 4! I think that really helped. 

Last night we ate leftovers and then I sat down to WATCH "Persuasion" for the millionth time. 

Fall is here. Summer and the Indian Summer that followed seem to be over. 
It's time to pull out the extra blankets, the sweaters, the leggings, and the hot drinks. 
23 is happening in real time. I'm clearly surrounded by some truly special people and God has been giving me lots of wisdom to DRINK. Bible passages, sermons, radio programs, conversations, rap songs, and devotional blog posts seem to be the means...
If you've made it this far, thanks for reading! That's what's been happening in my life, the things I want to remember.  
Is Fall happening where you are? What's it full of? 

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  1. Fall is trying to edge in here! A very HAPPY 23rd to you! I now feel that I am old enough to be your mother! What happy family times! Thanks for sharing!


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