You've Got MAIL

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Can someone explain to me why it continues to be so exciting to KNOW that you're getting mail and then to GET the mail you've been waiting on? 

I cannot explain it, but I get giddy just thinking about packages coming in the mail. There have been times when a package comes and I know it's not even mine, but I get excited and can't wait to find out what SOMEBODY got. 

That was me while I was waiting on my mug. It was great! In fact, I'm giddy all over again just thinking about it! :) 

I sent my mug to Elizabeth, who turns out to have an Etsy shop full of mugs and things. She was a trooper, I didn't send out her package until the day AFTER the deadline...I tracked that package like a crazy lady though, and I was happy to know that it only took two days to get to her. 

 I received my mug from Bethany. She did soooo good. I absolutely LOVE my mug. It's the PERFECT mug for fall and winter. Who am I kidding? I'll be using it all year round! The tea she included is really good. Give it a try if you're looking for something new in the tea department...It doesn't even need sugar, it is just the right balance of sweet and strong.

She wrote the sweetest note too. Bethany, I'm excited about all the conversations and memories that are going to happen while I use my mug! And, can I just point out that the card and the mug match? Yeah, Bethany? You did a good job!!!

Thanks to Kim for hosting this great swap! This is my first swap with you and it could not have gone smoother. 

Mug Swap!


  1. love love love what you got!
    Tazo tea is seriously the best!

  2. LOVE that style mug you got. so warm, and earthy, and fantastic.
    and apricot creme. yes, please.


  3. Anonymous3:35 PM

    I too get excited if I know a package is coming my way. I love that mug and adore anything tea-ish. :)


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