The Scenic Route: Snow

Monday, February 03, 2014


I took those pictures last week when the snow was fresh. As of today, some of it has melted, there are tracks EVERYWHERE, and the sky is blue with clouds stretched here and there.

What a weekend! 

Saturday morning I baked a batch of cinnamon rolls and some of the crew came to work on our windows. 

After that the day kind of went downhill a little bit. I had plans to be very productive, but then something came up and I was thrown for a loop. 

I did get some math done, make a trip to the grocery store and the library, and I got a walk in. So, it wasn't a bad day. Oh, and it ended with "Brigadoon". I only watch that movie about once a year, but  it's one of my favorites!

Yesterday my Mom and I put together some snacks for the super bowl. Jay hosted a little party at his house. I'm not going to rant, but I'll say this: that was the WORST "football" game I have ever watched. The end. 

 Now it's Monday and the beginning of February and I've got all kinds of NEW things lined up this month (in my life, not on the blog).

What did YOU do over the weekend?


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  1. Love these pictures! My favorite is that second one!

    And I agree with you on that game. It was ridiculous. Glad I was watching mostly for the commercials. ha!


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