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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

October was a super busy month on this little space! It's amazing what we can accomplish when we get a routine going. I have been enjoying fall so very much this year. Everything looks so beautiful and it has rained several times each week, it's just great!

Currently I am...

appreciating: Spontaneous fun with my brother and sister. It happens almost everyday. We'll pull out a game or watch something together or spend who knows how long going on and on about anything that's on our minds and making us laugh. And my Mom....She is nothing short of amazing. She's the lady doing everything and yet worrying about nothing. And all of you...I've been really blessed with some great blogging friends! You cannot know how much you all mean to me.

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wishlisting : Three extravagant things because of the cooler weather (a fancy coat, a counter top frother, and slippers). And three less extravagant things that would be useful (a donut pan, a replacement of my favorite knife, and a cute box).

PS: I've heard Hobby Lobby has that box, but I didn't want to search their site for it.

reading: Madeleine L'Engle's very first novel, "The Small Rain" and an advanced readers' copy of Melody Carlson's "The Christmas Cat" which will be releasing just in time for a little pre-Christmas reading.

Next up is "My Life in France" and I can hardly wait for that one!

loving: Fall. Chai Lattes. Movie Nights. Rain. Cooking.

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creating: Lots and lots of food. Hearty dinners, yummy sweets. It's been great. I also made this calendar for myself and decided to share it with you too! Click HERE to make it yours!

What are you appreciating, wishlisting, reading, loving, and creating?

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  1. Oh man. I have been eyeing a donut pan lately. I keep hoping i'll come across one at a thrift store!

  2. BOOO i commented on this and it deleted it! :( :(
    i love all of your wishlist items especially that gold box, i will find it! haha.
    and i also love that you spend so much time with your siblings! :)

  3. The frother is 100% worth it! Do you have a Nespresso machine? I always love a warm fuzzy pair of slippers!

  4. I love the trench coat.

  5. Spontaneous fun with siblings sounds awesome. I wish I could spend more time with my brothers, but we're pretty scattered now.

    I'm also enjoying chai lattes, but I drink those year-round. :)

  6. Yes to a classic trench! I finally found the right one over the summer and though I don't wish the weather any colder, I'm loving finally being able to wear it. And that display box is so great, though I feel you on the Hobby Lobby site, ha! Thanks for linking up again!

  7. Those slippers look so cozy! I want, I want! So,I tried a chai tea latte this morning at starbucks and it was SO good. It tasted like Christmas in a cup! :)

    Thanks for linking up!!

  8. A doughnut pan?? I have never seen one of these, but now I want one! ha! I love chai lattes. Nothing screams holiday season to me like a chai latte. I've never had a trench, but I like them. And I've also always wanted a pea coat. Also, I love that simple, yet perfect calendar you created. :)


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