The Circle: November

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I'm so excited to announce that I get to co-host this month's The Circle link up with Kiki!!!

I met Kiki earlier this year and we have become great friends. She teaches pre-school and she has a serious knack for taking pictures of everyday things in ways that make them look beautiful. She is also the brains behind The Circle which happens to be one of my favorite link ups!

The theme this month is to share 5-10 of your essentials. What things make you you?

1. Reformation Study Bible - I received this Bible when I graduated from high school and it is something that plays a HUGE part in my life.

2. Walking and Photography - I snapped this shot during a walk on Cape Cod. Wherever I go there are two things that I always do: find a walking route and take pictures of things that catch my eye.

3. Reading - My favorite genres are literary fiction, mysteries, and auto biographies/biographies. I especially love reading outside.

4. Gardening - Thanks to Julie I use these gloves. Thanks to Alice I use steak knives. Thanks to both of them, my Mom, and my Grandma I have come to love growing flowers and vegetables.

5. Baking - My favorite room in every house is the kitchen. Cinnamon Biscuits are one of my go-to recipes.

6. Bags - I picked up this purse when I was supposed to be Christmas shopping a few years ago. I didn't "need" it, but it was THE perfect bag. I'm always carrying things for other people and I have quite a few essentials (remember THIS post?).

7.  Family Time - It's no secret, I love people. I love pulling out a board game and some snacks and spending time playing games with my friends and family.

So, what are the circles of YOUR life? I hope you'll join us by linking up!!!!

In Its Time


  1. Stopping by from In Its Time Circle Link up! Loving this essentials post - so far everyone is so different and clever with the ideas! I am loving that bag and baking YES! cinnamon biscuits sound delicious!

  2. This was such a fun topic for this month - I love all the ways it can be interpreted and essentials for what makes you "you" is such a great idea. I'm definitely with you on #3 :)

  3. What a great idea. Love this post and that you love being around family and friends.

  4. i wish i could bake and eat everything without the calories!

  5. I love baking too :) Although it's a bummer to bake something and then have it sitting around, and then I'm just eating crap! The struggle. Walking and photography is something I enjoy too. I don't do enough of it. Thanks for hosting this linkup!

  6. Ooh, those cinnamon biscuits! This is such a good idea for a link-up :). I'm glad it introduced me to your blog, too!

  7. LOOOOOOVE what you chose. I was going to write down and list everything that we had in common and it was every single one (with the exception of gardening--unfortunately the green thumb was not passed down to me!). :) But I especially love baking, family time, and photography + walks. I'm thinking we're pretty much twins and would have a blast hanging out together (was there any doubt, though?).

    Thanks for co-hosting with me!

  8. We LOVE going on photography walks! And now my little dude has his own point and shoot camera he takes with us!

  9. Love this theme of the link-up! Great idea ladies!


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