What I Learned in October

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

October 2, 2014

It's fun to take note of the things that I learn each month. It's amazing how many times I say, "I never knew that!" So...Here we go, here are six things that I learned in October.

* Pluto is officially a planet again!!! You cannot know what this means to me. Change is never okay, especially when it comes to things like stars vs planets. * Update on Nov. 7, 2014 - My thanks go to Rach for finding THIS LINK for me!

* My Mom ran a 5k when she was 18ish with her sister (my Aunt Linda and her husband). Since she was the only one in her age group (how times have changed), she took first place in it! Way to go, Mom!!!


* I always think of Nature Valley Oat & Honey Bars as "new" and "exciting" and yet I've been eating them since 3rd grade when my teacher had them in the reward drawer for math games. Why am I still thinking this? They are not new at all.

* At the top of your gmail inbox there are quotes of the day.

October 27, 2014

* There's a difference between a pie pumpkin and a carving pumpkin. Pie pumpkins are smaller and their skins tend to be thicker and uglier. The meat inside is ideal of pies though. 1 pie pumpkin gives about 3 cups of pumpkin which should make you two pies!

October 18, 2014

* October 18th is National Chocolate Cupcake Day and frosting lasts two years in the freezer.  I whipped up a fresh batch of Joy's Chocolate Cupcakes and just happened to have some left over peanut butter frosting in the freezer...from two years ago. It tasted and felt like I made it fresh!

What did you learn in October? 


  1. wait! I don't have quotes at the top of my inbox. How do they magically appear? I can't eat those granola bars though. :( I always think of them as messy and hard. LOL

    Thanks for visiting me!!

  2. It's been a long time, Victoria! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, we rejoiced over here when Pluto was reinstated. ;) October 18 was our 34th anniversary and the day our son got married. Now I can add chocolate cupcakes to the day to make it just perfect!

  3. Pluto is back. Nice. My kids carved a pie pumpkin, then they roasted the seeds.

  4. Pluto was always my favorite! :) favorite planet & favorite Disney character!

  5. Wait what?! I had no idea Pluto was a planet again! Googling this now!

  6. Victoria, this is an awesome list. I love the way your blog oozes positivity. And I'm especially excited to hear Pluto is back in the planet ranks. I think she might benefit from a few therapy sessions after this in-the-club, out-of-the-club, and back-again series of events.

    And frosting? Two years in the freezer? My baking daughter is going to be thrilled (if her sweet tooth lets her leave it there that long). Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

  7. Peanut butter frosting on chocolate cake! YUM!!!! I didn't know that about frosting either! Sweet

  8. We were glad to hear that Pluto had been reinstated as a planet, also. Good to know about the pumpkins. I usually just buy a can, but using a real pumpkin doesn't seem like it would be difficult. Makes me think. Thanks for sharing.

  9. so they finally realized how dumb they looked saying pluto wasn't a planet? hahah


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