Operation Read Your Shelves: By Searching

Monday, November 03, 2014

This post is part of Lauren's "Operation Read Your Shelves" link up that takes place on the first Monday of every month. 

During the month of October, I read "By Searching" by Isobel Kuhn

My friend Darlene has been telling me about this book for years. I'm so glad that I finally took the time to read it!

I expected this to be a book about missionary life in China, but it turns out that it was about the years that led up to Kuhn's missionary days. It's set in the 1920's. We follow Kuhn through her late teens and into her 20's as she finds herself searching.

 I loved the perspective that she had to offer. This is the second book that I've read about young women in the 1920's and yet I didn't plan that at all. Both women have surprised me...I had no idea that they struggled with "worldliness" or that they found themselves in such horrible situations "back then". I knew the 20's were "roaring", but for some reason, I didn't realize the devastation that these years left behind in the lives of the women who lived through them. 

I am fascinated by God's hand in Kuhn's life and I'm going to look around to see if there's anything else that she ever had published. 

Let just say this short little book just placed itself right onto my list of all-time favorites! 

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When's the last time you read a book that you've owned for a while?

What was your favorite October read? 


  1. I am a huge lover of autobiographies or anything really that tells the story of someone's life (hello reasons why I blog!). Thanks for sharing this one!

  2. Sounds like such a good book! I've been surprised by the "modern" problems that people in the 20's and 30's had too…I always thought they were such innocent times for the average person. It's kind of shocking to find out that they weren't!

  3. I love the roaring 20s!! The clothes and way of life were just something else! Visiting from the linkup :)

  4. This sounds SO INTRIGUING!! I'm adding it to my to-read list for sure. Thanks for linking up!!:)

  5. I do love reading things like that. I read the book Be Still My Soul by Elisabeth Elliot and I love this quote.
    "To those of us who are not theologians, does it matter whether a thing is ordained or merely allowed? Are events that seem to be out of control caused by God? Or does He allow them to occur at the hands of human beings? You can spend a lot of time pondering that one and end up pretty much where you started. In either case, the purpose remains the same--our sanctification. God is in the business of making us walking, breathing examples of the invisible realiity of the presence of Christ in us."

    And, yes, it is neat that Isobel struggled with some of the same things we do. I read her "mini" autobiograpy to my girls. They loved it.

  6. This looks SO good! I love that it is set in the 1920s I will definitely need to check this book out!! So glad to hear you loved it!

  7. Oh wow, I haven't heard of this, but it sounds really good! I had no idea that the 1920's were so intense.

  8. This sounds like a fascinating memoir. No matter what the era, I am a sucker for a good finding yourself story.

  9. This sounds really interesting! I agree with Leelee, I'm a sucker for those stories as well!

  10. This sounds super interesting! I love anything autobiographical. Especially from decades past. This sounds great!


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