A Month of Saturdays: March

Monday, April 27, 2015

The four Saturdays of March were pretty fantastic! March gave us all kinds of weather here in the PNW. The flowers popped up to join in on the celebration, my friend Heidi had her baby, and the regular rhythms of life continued.

The first Saturday of March called for lots of time outside. My sister begged me to play speedminton and I'm so glad she did. Before long, we paused for ice cream and some reading on the back patio.

March 14 called for driving all over hill and dale. We went to do some shopping, had a quick lunch at McDonald's, and then went to visit my friend Heidi and her brand new baby in the hospital. The day was long and tiring, but it was one of the best!

The third weekend was a bit of a doozy. My sister was gone at a 4-H thing and I found myself at home with a brother who had editing projects to work on and a Mom who was perfectly content to sit at the kitchen table reading, studying, and working on lesson plans. It was too cold to be outside, so I watched far too many episodes of A Place To Call Home. Thankfully, they agreed to join me for chili cheese dogs that night! :)

The last weekend picked right back up again. I did a bunch of spring cleaning outside and inside. My favorite project was the deep cleaning that happened in my room. I vacuumed and dusted and cleaned the windows and got rid of every piece of clutter. I had to take a couple of pictures of my desk area to celebrate!

See what I mean? March was pretty fantastic!

What's your favorite way to spend a Saturday?

What show do you find yourself watching multiple episodes of at a time?

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  1. Oh I miss living in the country! Those picture are beautiful


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