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Wednesday, April 01, 2015

March 29, 2015
You guys, I went all out and spring cleaned my room on Saturday! The closet is jam packed and there is still a corner of papers and books and STUFF that needs to be dealt with. BUT, for the most part, everything is SPARKLY and CLEAN. I also cleaned up my cutting garden and sorted out all my gardening tools and seeds. It was a productive day which got me in the mood for a few more projects!

Let's hit the pause button on all of that to link up with Jenna and Anne! I'm currently:

Wearing: Gardening gloves. Dressing for spring is always soooo confusing because you never know what the weather is going to do. The one thing that IS predictable is the time I will be spending in the garden!

Sipping: Mostly water. I've been craving chocolate malts a lot and I did have one of those!

Wishlisting: Another trip south. :)

Writing: More guest posts than usual these days. It's a good kind of pressure! Be sure to visit my latest post over at The Quiet Place. :)

Exploring: Calligraphy and 18 Hour Sourdough Bread making.

What are you up to? 


  1. I dabble in calligraphy, but I'm not good at it. I don't practice enough. Good for you with the spring cleaning and guest posting!

  2. Calligraphy - fun! And I'm in some serious need of spring cleaning around here... Hopefully hearing about your good work will inspire me for this weekend, but we shall see :) Thanks for linking up again!

  3. Did you end up taking the class? Did you like it? I didn't realize that it would be live so I didn't get a chance to--but I saw that they hope to do it in the future, so I hope to do it then! :)

  4. oh my gosh, you are totally welcome to come garden for me any time!
    and i will GLADLY take a chocolate malt, yes please!
    please come south again, because i wanted to see you so badly!

  5. Calligraphy is so much fun! That's exciting that you are pursuing that.
    This week is spring break for me, so I have high hopes of doing some planting as well as cleaning the inside of our house. Goodness gracious, it needs it!


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