A Cat Garden

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Since both of our cats just love to get into the flower beds, my Mom decided to put in a special garden just for them. She researched what makes for a good cat garden (yes, this is TOTALLY a thing) and then we went to a new nursery to pick up the plants. My Mom was sick over the weekend, so we decided to do the planting yesterday.

Memorial Day was a lazy one around here. I baked donuts, we grilled hamburgers for a quick lunch and watched Cut Throat Kitchen, and never bothered to change out of our comfy clothes....A thunderstorm rolled in just as our pajama planting party was about to begin. We tried to keep going, but ended up going back into the house to wait it out. 

My Mom is hilarious...She's totally posing here because she likes incriminating evidence. Slippers, RAIN, and sweats. We are SUCH gardeners! :)

All laughs aside, we had a lot of fun! I love that my Mom decided to give this garden spot another try. I love that we got to shop for the plants and put them into the ground together. Gardening and time with my Mom are two of my favorite things. I couldn't help but get all sentimental as we worked. I mean...I don't take these years for granted. If I had followed "my plan" for my future, I would have gone away to college and never looked back. I would most likely be living on the opposite coast. Memories like these would have been possible only because of visits.

BUT, by God's grace, a different plan came into place. This is my life and I really do love it! Someday, things might change and I'll have some great days to look back on. In the meantime, I'm super grateful for every moment we have together.

Moving right along....My sister got home just as we were getting ready to put the finishing touches on it. She grabbed my camera to take some pictures for us!

The cat garden of 2015 contains:

2 Lemon Thyme
3 Valerian
3 Lemon Grass
3 Bee Balm
12 Snapdragon
Oat Grass in the frame
A row of Catnip behind the frame

According to my Mom's research, these are all plants that appeal to cats. I wonder if it will become the hangout zone for all the cats in the neighborhood?

PS My Mom doesn't actually have a hunchback. :)


  1. I love that you can appreciate what you have in life by seeing what it could have been if you'd taken another path! I think many people take for granted that they're near their families, while some of us are just wishing we could visit them more often! I love that you guys created a cat garden! I've never heard of such a thing haha but I love it! Maybe my mom needs one of these in our back yard for all of our cats too. And PLEASE let this become a hangout zone for all of the neighborhood cats haha! Can you imagine!? I'd love that!

  2. Aww, I bet the kitties will love this! I love that you and your mom have this in common. This is like cooking for me and my mom. :)

  3. I had no idea about cat gardens. While I honestly like cats, I'm so allergic that I stay away as much as I can. but if dogs can have parks, why can't cats have gardens?! What a fun thing to do and a special memory to have. I'm so glad my family lives close to me as well. I don't even want to think about if things were different. We're all about 20 minutes away from each other which is just perfect!

  4. This is such a great idea! I bet the cats will love it, and I think it would be kind of awesome if it turned into the neighbourhood cat hangout :-) I love that you and your Mom have such a good relationship! It makes me wish I lived closer to my Mom (not that we live SO far away, but too far to see each other on a daily or even weekly basis!) So cool that you can see how wonderful it is and not take it for granted!


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