Strangely Happy

Friday, May 22, 2015

The First Rose // May 19, 2015

Over the last eight years or so, Memorial Day weekend has become an important transitioning point.  The garden is planted. The grill has been pulled out. The trips to the ranch have begun. The sun is bright and the skies are blue. If you ask me, summer is officially here!

I just came in from sitting on the patio where I heard the roofers working on Alice's house. The sound of the nail gun made me strangely happy. So many things have been making me feel this way lately. I don't want to forget the sense of knowing and being known that living in a small town offers. 

I ran to the grocery store for milk and asparagus the other day. I shared a brief conversation with Ed as he was replenishing the news papers. I reminded Melissa that we all forget something and have to go back through the line every now and then. I listened as Morgan (the new checker) told me about the new video games that she got last weekend. It was all so familiar and I couldn't help but smile as I left. 

This morning I ran into Jordan's Grandpa at the gas station and we chatted even though I'm pretty sure he probably doesn't remember me from all those years ago. I found myself hoping that he did, but not really expecting him to. 

There are so many people on this planet. I love the ways that our lives intersect. As we all focus on doing our own thing, it's amazing how much we all have in common. Another summer is here. Let's enjoy enjoying it together! 

What's been making you strangely happy lately? 


  1. Wow, I really love this. I miss the community found in living in a really small town. That sounds just like home!

  2. Gorgeous post - I don't get this living in my hometown as it's huge but I am planning to move somewhere smaller next year when I get my own place as I really want a bit more of this feeling :)

    What makes me happy today is knowing that I get to spend time with a friend of mine today who I only see a few times a year but who has such a special place in my heart - she's the first Christian friend I had and a person I am very lucky to have in my life after her faith and the love from her friends saved her from several suicide attempts. I cherish her every day and love when we get time together.


  3. Hi, Victoria! It has been a while since I had the chance to come by here. So, what has been making me extra happy lately is our steps towards minimalism. We are doing our utmost to de-clutter and simplify our lives and get rid of excess. It feels GREAT to do this...and to bless others, in the process! It is wonderful to follow Jesus on this path. So happy to "visit" with you today. :)

  4. I love intersecting lives as well! We joke with my extremely extroverted dad that he knows EVERYONE and the year they graduated college and what their kids are up to...because he cares about them and really listens when they talk and then loves sharing with us what interesting person he just met. So thankful for the community God allows us to build :)

    And that first rose is BEAUTIFUL!

  5. Beautiful words, my friend! Your heart and your writing is so pure. This post made me feel so happy inside, and i'm thankful you shared it! Life is so so good.


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