Because It's My Sister's Birthday

Friday, May 01, 2015

I'm all kinds of sentimental today! My sister is officially 17!!!! We kicked off the celebrations with dinner at our favorite pizza place and we're having a big party at the house tonight. Birthdays are a pretty big deal in our house. We always get so excited to make the day as special as we possibly can.

17 years ago, I went to the hospital to meet my sister for the first time. Everyone was so happy that day. I saw her through a window, but eventually, I got to hold her all by myself. The quietness that comes over you when you hold a baby is what I remember most. We stayed at a motel with my Grandma, but none of us could stay away from the hospital (even if it meant going the wrong way on every possible one way street and stopping to ask a bum for directions...My Grandma was something else!).

It wasn't long and we were all home together figuring out how this new little life was going to become part of our family. Before long, she was scooting herself around and putting everything in her mouth. I remember rushing around ahead of her (or behind her) to remove something that she didn't need to get into.

Before we knew it, she was talking and walking and running outside to go to the bathroom. Yes, she was house broken before she was potty trained. My Grandma (the same one who had trouble getting to the hospital) was really proud of that accomplishment (NOT!).

The years of playing hospital and blowing bubbles and going for ice cream and spending afternoons at the park went by in a blur. In those days, she had all the time in the world. She was learning so much and turning into the person that God intended her to be. She prayed for everyone and everything. She loved every animal and made "friends" (even if she never learned their names) everywhere we went.

A few years ago, I realized things were beginning to change between us. I was still "Sissy", but she was ready to call me "friend" too. Sometimes I still miss hearing the way she would excitedly shriek "SISSY!!!!!!" when I'd call from my SC during the summers (or when I'd come home from a day at school), but having our sisterhood turn into something else really can't be beat!

She's busier than ever with jobs and babysitting and piano lessons and plays and fixing up her truck and high school and all the things that demand our attention as we get ready to become adults. With each passing day, I'm amazed at how quickly the years have flown by.

Today, she's 17 and we're together. I'm making a cake and cutting some flowers. We're celebrating the best way we know how because, it's my sister's birthday!!!! 


  1. Aww happiest of birthdays to your little sister! So glad you guys got to celebrate together! :)

  2. Happy birthday to your sister! This post brought back memories of myself and my little brother. He's all grown up now (and married, with a house and grown-up job!) and that is so weird. The feeling of friendship now is especially good.

  3. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Happy birthday to her! I'm the youngest sister, but it's incredible how fast time passes, and just how many memories of my sister I have. Hope the friendship and celebration last forever! :)

  4. Thanks for sharing the photos and parts of the celebration! - Uncle Steve

  5. Ah, happy (belated) birthday to your sister! You girls are so lovely! Also, I love that she was housebroken, haha. Such a sweet post!


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