On Writing: Goals for 2016

Thursday, February 18, 2016

A few days ago I shared an essay on the writing life. Today, I'm sharing a list of ten goals that I jotted down in my journal on the 4th of January.

If you're a writer, maybe this list of mine will help you make a few goals of your own. If you have some other task you hope to accomplish, maybe my list will inspire you to break it down into manageable steps to get you a little closer to the mark.

Pretty much everything I have ever accomplished found its beginnings in a list. Here we go!


*Make a space for writing

* Enter library writing contest

*Watch videos on plotting/character development

*Establish a writing routine and keep it

*Work on a novel

*Watch for and enter other writing contests

*Share pieces (polished?)

Style Goals:

*Get rid of or at least use fewer (  ) with under your breath explanations in them.

*Make use of your Thesaurus.

*Take time to let pieces sit and then edit, edit, and edit some more. Improve them. Put the work in. With journaling and blogging, things get recorded and stay as they are. There are no rough drafts. Change that.

*Learn more about writing narrative.

What's a goal your working towards right now?

Do you have any writing goals for 2016?


  1. All good goals. I have a problem with the explanations under my breath in writing, too! At least you don't use ellipses excessively. I can hardly read blogs that have those after every.single.sentence. ;) A little pet peeve?


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