Roots and Sky

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Every now and then I come across a book that really resonates with me. Roots and Sky by Christie Purifoy is one of those books. Purifoy has been blogging and writing articles for other websites and now she can call herself a published author.

I'm not exaggerating when I saw that Roots and Sky is made up of the most refreshing prose I've ever read. Reading this book is like stepping outside on a spring day and taking the deepest breath you possibly can. You can feel the sun, but you can also feel the cool breeze and the fresh air in your lungs helps you to forget the months you've spent cooped up inside waiting for a moment like this to come around again.

This book is basically a memoir of the seasons. It's about Purifoy's longing for home and how finding it helped her to see that the home God is preparing for her (or her for) is where lasting satisfaction will be found. Each chapter is short. Each section corresponds to a season. I recommend reading it through once and then digging into section by section as the seasons pass.

As you know, I've found myself in a strange situation. I'm in a new house, in a new town, with a brand new church. I don't know how long this temporary move will last or if it will even be temporary. The last few years have taught me that a lot of my unrest has come from a certain longing, namely, a longing for the home I once knew and the stability and security it offered. Reading about someone else's longing and one whole year of receiving was exactly what I needed this winter.

Not only does Purifoy share my longing for home, she also shares my love for God, family, gardening, tea, books, and gathering people together. I learned more about the church calendar and I have a list of flowers to research. More than that, the perspective that God has been teaching me was strengthened.

I think we all long for home. Some of us have homes to keep and to guard and to hang on to. Whatever side of the longing we find ourselves on, there is one thing we need to know and Purifoy uses this book to lay it all out. As she says in the introduction, "This is the story of my journey home. This is the story of a kingdom come."

Order your copy today by clicking HERE.

*I received a review copy from the publisher and all thoughts are my own honest opinion.


  1. I'm on the wait list at the library for this book! :)

  2. I know the feelings you're having right now so well. Home is such a difficult concept and even though I have homes all over, I'm always heartbroken for more than one of them.


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