What I'm Into: February 2016

Thursday, February 25, 2016

This morning, I'm sitting at the writing table that I set up in the corner of the bedroom that I share with my sister at The Queen's Cottage. It's near a big window (complete with window seat) and the morning sun is streaming in. I've just finished sending a few emails, eating a blueberry muffin, and topping off my coffee.

The end of February has been beautiful. It's still super cold, but the sun has been shining and I love discovering all the sun spots in this house. We've got about a month left here at The Queen's Cottage before it's time to start going back and forth between here and our other house.

We've all got mixed feelings. My anxiety feeds off of uncertainty and unrest. I've got a lot of taking it to God to do. A lot of not borrowing tomorrow's troubles. A lot of enjoying today and trusting that every trial is God's way of teaching me to be Shepherded by Him.

What I'm Watching

The Life of a King on Netflix. SO good. 

Murder She Wrote and Kitchen Basics with Ina Garten on Netflix. These are my go-to shows that I watch in snippets while I eat lunch or on Saturday mornings. 

Brigadoon. It's a February tradition that I love.

In The Kitchen

I've got lists of great menus from this month. It's great to look back over them for inspiration. Some recent favorites:

Crockpot porkchop dinner (with apples and stuffing)

Enchiladas with refried beans, rice, and salad

Sausage with alfredo and broccoli salad

meatloaf with mashed potatoes and greenbeans

blueberry muffins with homefries and sausage patties

I'm currently craving a big ham with all the fixings, spaghetti, biscuits, and salad bar. Hopefully we'll work these menus in soon.

At My Writing Table

One of my writing goals was to make a space for writing. I accomplished that and I have been spending a lot of time there. Some of my writing has shown up on this blog, I've been preparing guest posts for other blogs that will be going live over the next few months, and I've been putting some work into my novel.

You guys, I'm really writing and it feels so good! Writing time 2016 is going full speed ahead. Here are a few samples in case you missed them:

Six Months to Live

A Strategy For Beholding God: Purposeful Prayer

Inspired by Marina: An Essay On The Writing Life

Around The Internet

Rach introduced me to a FREE tool that allows bloggers to find out what people REALLY think about their blogs. I did it and discovered that I need to make some changes, especially in the font department. Any reccomendations for a good font for the body of my posts?

You remember that song, "Where I Come From"? My favorite Southern Gal wrote a version of her own. Read it and write your own. It'll be fun!

Monica is planning her garden. Are you?

As always, I'm linking up with Leigh. What are you into?


  1. I use "Lato" as my body text font and really enjoy it. I'm going to use it on my new Wordpress blog too!

  2. I just added all your Netflix recommendations to my list - they sound like exactly what I've been looking for! That's also a great idea to include recipes in the post - I usually write about what I've been eating in general, but it's great to find new recipes that I've actually enjoyed :) (coming over from the link up!)


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