Intermission: The Old Season pt. 2

Friday, January 14, 2011

Written On 01/12/2011


Beginning around February of 2008 I began filling in for my dad's receptionist on Fridays. Now, since I had already spent much time there especially on Fridays for years before and I live in a small town I saw many familiar faces. I got right back into the swing of how his office worked and who I would see each week. It was through working there that I met a dear friend. The woman who has made up much of this last season of my life.

Her name is Alice. One Friday she came by and mentioned some leaves she had out back. Spring was coming and she wanted to get her garden cleaned up. Unfortunately, she was getting older and it was going to be quite a chore. She was not asking for help. But, God led me to ask if I could help.

Now, I had known of Alice since I was five years old. Every week I would file her folder and for some reason I just knew she was a special lady. We never really talked but I knew who she was and she knew who I was. Our lives had intersected when I was five because my family rented a house from her son and his wife. They were very kind to us.

Back to that day....She was surprised at my offer. We arranged some afternoon the next week for me to come over and help. I got right to work and the two of us had the leaves all cleaned out in no time. I do not know exactly what happened after that, all I know is that I ended up going to her house about one afternoon a week. At first we worked outside together. Before I knew it, fall was there and we had moved inside. Winter came and we were still inside, cooking, cleaning, organizing, if you can think of it, we've probably done it together! That spring day turned into many more days like it and now I can say we are getting ready to begin the fourth year of our friendship. By the summer of 2009 I was over at her house nearly everyday. Sometimes I'd go to work, sometimes I'd go to visit. We'd always find something to do. We have kept that up.


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