Intermission: The Old Season pt. 3

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Written On 01/12/11


Right before I left in August of 2010, we had spent the last two months together. I was indeed at her house every week day. I think she knew the season was going to change for us and she wasn't ready to say goodbye to it any more than I was. We had come to the place where it seemed as though we'd never not known each other and to be honest I don't think either of us could imagine our lives without the other.

So, I went away. We wrote letters, sent cards, and talked on the phone.

On December 23, 2010, the day finally came. I was home and she had invited my family to come over and hear her tell the Christmas Story from the Bible on the day before Christmas Eve. Just as we have done since Christmas 2008. There were seven of us there that night, but it felt like only two. We all walked in and I hung back while she greeted everyone. Then, it was my turn. We hugged and cried. We didn't want to let go. We just stood there speechless. We did not need words, we could not find words, to express our love. It was good.

Before I knew it, it was time to say goodbye. We did. We came home. We each celebrated Christmas and then New Years with our families. Then, life in my small town began. The hours of my days began to fill. I would be starting back up my college classes, schooling my siblings, and running the house while my mom filled in at my dad's office. I got a call to fill in at the old coffee shop for a few days. Everyday I thought of Alice but couldn't get over all the things that I needed to do. I was overwhelmed.

As I said, yesterday I met with God and realized "I can, simply because I know I AM and this is the work He has for me right now." A peace washed over me. A peace that makes me an effective minister of the Gospel that is continually working to prepare me for heaven. Last night I went to bed telling myself that I needed to see her soon. I woke up thinking about arranging to go over after dinner. Well, she must have thought the same thing. I had been home and we'd only seen each other once. So, she called and we arranged to get together.

I just returned from several hours visiting with Alice. Sweet hours. Reflecting on life, our times together, laughing, nearly crying, just enjoying the company we have, the fellowship we share with our God. We have come to recognize the new season God has for us. Rather than getting together in afternoons to work as we have before, our times together will look different. We have decided to plan an evening each week to get together. Eventually the Lord may have something else in store for us, but for now, that is what He has given us and we are going to enjoy it!

I thank God for that season. I praise Him for all that He has taught me. I'm ready now to face each new day of this new season.

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