Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I have been home for three short weeks this very evening. In that time my life has gotten right back to normal. Well, a new normal. In my small community I can always expect to be extremely busy.

With every season of my life I begin by being overwhelmed. I look at all the new opportunities the Lord gives with excitement but I refuse to let go of the old opportunities I had been enjoying in the previous season. In those instances I am overwhelmed because I take my life into my own hands.

Eventually I seek God long enough to finally get it drilled into myself to take a step back and let go of that which lies behind and grab hold of what lies ahead. That is to say that I let go of the old season and begin to enjoy the new season. With each new season, I never do forget the old. I look back on them regularly rejoicing over what God taught me during those times. I fondly recall the memories of days gone by. Embracing the new season simply enables me to live in God's will and there I find peace. There I can truly say "I can simply because I know I AM".

Coming home began a new season. I still do not know what all this season holds. What I do know is that yesterday was the breaking point. It was in the hours of yesterday that I realized "I can simply because I know I AM and He has given me this work to do."

Amazingly enough He finds a way of bringing all the elements of my life into balance. Those people who occupied so much of my time during the old season slowly but surely begin new seasons of their own. The things I did for them get done by someone else. Everything works out in God's perfect timing.

So, here I am. A new season a new beginning. I've embraced the goodbye of the last season and can finally say that I am ready to enjoy this one.

Please pray for me. Pray that I would continue to be kept by God. Kept seeking Him, being drawn closer to Him, being sought by Him, and glorifying Him. Pray that this season would bring forth the fruit meant for it, fruit that will proclaim the Name of our Great God!

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  1. Thank you for your transparency, Victoria. We all do struggle when God changes our job descriptions for the time! I will hold you up in prayer!


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