Show Off

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

So, if our mission is to make Christ known in our everyday lives, how do we go about doing that? Simply put, Show Off. Show Off Christ. Show Off the work He has done and is doing in your life!

On this track, Lecrae and Flame come together under DJ Official.

Summaries of Lecrae's key lines:

This is the new me, the old me I had to throw off.

Let people know that Christ is still in control.

I'm going to sure enough show what He did in my soul.

Everyday is another mission, send me, I'll go!

Yes, you got me. Yes, I'm a show off. Shirt to the shoes, everything for Jehovah!

Like the moon, I reflect what the Son does. I don't want to get the glory, I want the Son to!

We share that Gospel. We aren't talking about walking up to the altar. We are talking heart change where your life gets altered!

Summaries of Flame's lines:

I've got the world on my heart...all seven continents. I move smooth with all of heaven's confidence.

Good news, good news, I'm showing off the Gospel!

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