Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Making Christmas lists can be difficult. 

I realize that this is evidence that I have been blessed with much. I truly don't have needs that go unmet. When people start asking for my "wish list" that's all it is - a list of things that I would like to have. 

Once I might have asked for a different outfit....
3 1/2 months old © Victoria 

 A little later on I might have asked for some new teeth....
 6....Lovely, isn't it? © Victoria (Family Albums) 

This last Christmas, one of my favorite online book stores was having a wonderful sale. 

So, I loaded my wish list up with items from said sale. 

My Mom happens to appreciate books even more than I do. What did I get, but every single book I asked for? (And some other great stuff too!) 

Last week I began reading one of the books that I received: Charles Spurgeon's "The Saint and His Saviour". 

I was influenced by Spurgeon as I was writing one of my posts here. I want to share a link with you: You can read this very work online for free! The foreword is definitely different than the one in my printed copy of the book, but I assume the rest of the book (Spurgeon's own words) are the same. 

Go check it out! It was chapter one, "The Despised Friend", that provided the Scripture I referenced. That chapter had me thinking about what it is like to walk with God compared to what it is like to walk "without" God. 

Don't be surprised if you hear more about what I learn from this work of his. 

Do you have a favorite piece or collection by Spurgeon? 

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