Learning to Breathe

Monday, April 30, 2012

I never would have thought I could dwell for so long on smells....
I'm still there. This time, let's talk about our FAVORITE smells. 
I'll share mine - with pictures when I have them. And you share yours in the comments! 

The ocean and the towns that surround them...
© Victoria 2010

Candles, but I really only burn those with scents according to the season we are in. 

Yummy things cooking or baking: cinnamon rolls, brownies, and meat loaf. 

When rain is coming...
© Victoria 2012


Book stores. 

Fresh spring or fall air...
© Victoria 2010
© Victoria 2010

The first day of school...Which means new books, notebooks, and clothes...Things I still enjoy even though those days are gone. 

Freshly brewing coffee. (Maybe I'll tell you why it must be fresh sometime.)

Flower gardens...
© Victoria 2009

The familiar smells of people I love. (Their favorite lotions, soaps, detergents, perfumes, colognes, etc...)

Tea. I had a teacher who drank regular old lipton in the afternoons while she read to us. I always hoped she would set it on my desk so that the smell was near me.

Campfires and toasted marshmallows...

© Victoria 2011

God was good to make smells and grant us the ability to smell them and enjoy them. 
He created smells that are nice as well as smells that signal DANGER.

May we not take these things for granted. May we learn to breathe. To enjoy the good smells and find the ROOT cause of the bad smells. 

That's all for now.....I think! 

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