Christmas Past

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Two days after Christmas, I turned my computer back on. I plugged in my camera and diligently uploaded the pictures I had taken over the days leading up to Christmas. 

I set my computer aside to watch "Little Dorrit" (yes, I got something on my list!!!). Later that night, I grabbed my computer hoping to put together a post. Once again, I was greeted by a screen that stayed black (this happened back in April, and being busy, I didn't have it fixed until September). 

So, the next day, I had a date with "Torr" at Apple. Yes, his name tag said "Torr". And he took care of me! 

I have my computer back. :) Now you get an absurd amount of photos. 

On this blog I have been a bit vague. The internet scares me a little bit still...In 2013 I want to do more posts that will leave behind memories for ME. Memories that are full and complete and won't have me scratching my head later on. 

So, here it is. A post for me that I'm sharing with whoever wants in on it. 


I decorated the day after Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, I have a little problem. I love going ALL out. I went all out all the way through December. I got the idea to hang some snowflakes up. Then, I added glitter. Then I added more. 

I couldn't get enough. Again, those ARTISTS of mine were put to work. They cut out nearly 30 snowflakes (I think...). They'll be up until all hope of snow is gone. 

The night before Christmas....

We did some things DIFFERENTLY this year. We said good bye to red and green (mostly). We said hello to silver and blue and white. Purple was added in.

We slept in. We had waffles complete with whipped cream and strawberries for breakfast.

We skyped with my brother so that we could see his Christmas too.

We didn't exchange gifts until the afternoon. People came from far and near. We cooked a big meal. We played games (my favorite part!!!).

I love this banister...From beach towels to garlands and SOMETIMES it's even simply clean.

One of my Christmas GOALS was finding a sugar cookie recipe. I found it!!!! I'm still looking for a frosting recipe to use next year though....

Here they are, cooling, and waiting for the artists to work their magic!

I love these hands. They belong to my sister. She is so much more ARTSY than I am! Watch out people...She makes food that tastes good and LOOKS good too. Talent, I tell you!

She's always coming behind me adding HER special touch to things.

And these hands...Doing the work of a perfectionist captured by an apparently shakey photographer.

They belong to my brother, THE artist in the family. That boy can see it and explain it and recreate it. With snow or toast or pens or pencils or paint. Just watch him work.

ALMOST there. We only made a half batch of cookies and let's just say it's a good thing.

Frosting cookies is fun, but all good things MUST come to an end.

Christmas Morning

We dreamed of a white Christmas and we got it! Snow always adds a certain amount of COZY that only it can. Everyone (Great Uncle, Grandma, and friends from town) made it safe and sound.

The table was set...Christmas crackers are always involved. Apparently silverware is optional.

FINALLY everyone was here and the time came to open gifts. I love this pictures because its opener was being GOOFY. And I knew that inside was a giant dog bone....He owns no dogs. Barking dogs are the bane of his existence.

The bone was actually for OUR dog. He didn't know that until he found the message taped to the bone.

I don't know who laughed harder...

These two have been in my life for a long time. He was one of my first bus drivers...He taught me how to be teased and tease RIGHT BACK.

Family goes WAY beyond blood. For that I am grateful. Life would be a lot less fun without these two around.

He did this himself....And smiled while I took the picture.

The contents of my cracker...I have a thing for shoe horns! I wouldn't have picked a different prize if I could have. My Ghiddu (grandfather) taught me to use them and for a long time I didn't put on a pair of shoes without the one he gave me.

I don't know if anyone else even noticed how happy I was to have that pop out of mine!

Apparently there was some serious cutting to be done....

Riddles were read, crowns were worn, and understanding came...

He ate and RAN...There were LEGOS to be built. He doesn't even notice the CHAOS around him. I love that.

I did what I never do....Sat right down in the middle of chaos for another glass of juice. We call it "Jay juice" around here.

It's become a staple for all holiday get togethers since a special day at Jay's right before I left to do my student teaching back in August of 2010.

This sat out all day...You can guess what didn't even get touched. It was those vegetables in the back corner! That's just fine with me. 

Sometimes there are more important things in life that vegetables.

And then it was over. It was happy and white. We remembered Jesus. We cooked and played games and had a very happy Christmas.

 It was Christmas 2012 and it was okay after all. 

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  1. i loved this. Seeing your family interact, wear crowns, open presents, etc...those are memories! And that food table, YUM...that bread bowl dip looks uh-mazing, as well as the sugar cookies, YUM.


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