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Sunday, January 06, 2013

Back in June I decided to do some 365 posts...I did two of them. Pt. 1//Pt. 2

I continued to take more pictures, but I failed to put together the posts. 

Now that December is over, I'm wanting to remember 2012. That's a bit overwhelming so I thought I'd start with December. 

Taken Dec. 2// Continuing to put together an Advent study using John Piper's "Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ".....Loved the planning phase, hiding the bag each morning, building scavenger hunts, and being REMINDED to hide the bag if I forgot. I let life get in the way and we didn't end up reading all of the book or going through all of the stuff I had prepared.

 Taken Dec. 3// One of the activities I planned was making Date Balls. It was fun and they were good...We made more later in the month!

Taken Dec. 3// I also learned that taking self portraits is getting a little harder now that everyone is growing.

Taken Dec. 3// I can't remember if I took this or if he did...Either way, I thought it belonged in the recap. That's a face I'd like to remember. Everybody's crazy.

Taken Dec. 4// I drank A LOT of tea this month. Plenty of moments were spent drinking and thinking or reading.

Taken Dec. 5// The bag has been FOUND! I hid it in the china cabinet that day. The "rule" was that at least part of the bag would be in plain sight. If I broke the rule, I'd give a clue. Even though it was in plain sight, I had a guilty conscience. So, the clue for the day was "It's in plain sight, but you will have to look through something to see it." They were very happy when they finally found it.

Between the 5th and the next picture there was lots of baking (I accomplished my goal of putting together at least some of a Christmas cookie "tradition"), a cookie swap, shopping, SNOW, auditions for a play (my brother and sister, not me), and a birthday party for our friend Julie.

Taken Dec. 14//It was JUST after midnight...We attended our first midnight movie premiere. The Hobbit was soo good and the excitement sooo high that I left that theatre knowing I MUST read the book. I hope Tolkien proves are wise as that movie made him sound.

Over the next few days I finished up my Christmas shopping and then recovered from the CRAZINESS of our little trip.

Taken Dec. 16// Grandma and Grandpa came to visit. It snowed...There were snow people and bears to be built. I made a big batch of spaghetti complete with salad and garlic bread. Maybe even sweet tea? I know I broke down and made tea at least once this month. Sometimes, well ALL of the time, life calls for sweet tea. Just sayin.

Taken Dec. 16

Taken Dec. 16

Taken Dec. 16

Taken Dec. 18// slowly but surely, things started to melt. The SUN came out. I danced around, okay, maybe not. And the sky was BLUE. The snowman appeared to be calling for help or doing calisthenics.

Taken Dec. 18

Taken Dec. 18// Look at that SKY! As usual, these are straight from my camera. What you see is what I saw. It's been gray ever since.

Taken Dec. 18// Presents were wrapped and set out to be admired. I LOVED the colors of this year's Christmas. I was reminded how much I love pretty packages and how terrible I am at creating pretty *anything* packages.

Taken Dec. 19// There was a little wrapping party in my room...What I learned on the 18th, was confirmed on the 19th. My brother and sister whipped out some good looking packages. There is something wrong with me. Or they're geniuses. We'll go with that.

Taken around Dec. 19// Scissors, paper, glitter, glue, some thread, and tape...Loving these pieces of Christmas cheer.

Taken Dec. 20// I bought a new purse. That's the problem with Christmas shopping, there are so many GOOD deals. I got this for half price and then saved another $10 bucks. And it's pretty much exactly what I've been looking for.

Side note...Last year (2012), I needed to come up with a solution for a problem I kept having. I have a few different purses that I use depending on what I'm wearing or where I'm going and I usually end up with a few other things in my purse too...Somehow I would be out and realize I didn't have a charger, or chapstick, or my other key ring, or whatever...So I picked up that basket at WalMart, set it on a table that was stashed away and put all of the things I ever want in a my purse in it. Now, I keep things in the purse that I'm using OR if I know I'll be switching them out, put everything away in the basket and then load the purse accordingly. I don't always need everything in the basket, but it keeps it contained and organized and ready to be grabbed.

Taken Dec. 22// More dateballs were made. I'm thinking the sugared dates on the right got a LITTLE more sugar than they should have. What do you think?

This says Dec. 22...I thought we did this Christmas eve. Maybe I got mixed up?!?! Anyway//We made sugar cookies. This was my favorite. I made it. Yes, I'm bragging. I took my time and that's what became of it. See, I'm not crafty. It was made to look like the snowman made earlier in the month.

Taken Dec. 23// I'm a sucker for those Christmas sales...$8 candles at Bath and Body Works got me. I finished off the old one and was more than happy to start using the old one.

Taken Dec. 24// Merry Christmas EVE!!! Trying out Trader Joe's Salted Caramel Chai Tea. I'll be back for more!

Taken Dec. 25// A different kind of Christmas. I slept in and then moved out to the couch to just sit and be still for a little while before going upstairs.

Taken Dec. 25// The calm before the storm. This was a very low key Christmas morning. Minus the skype session with my brother,  that pretty much made my day!

Taken Dec. 25// The chaos after the storm.

Taken Dec. 25//The "storm" going on outside.

 Taken Dec. 25// Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Taken Dec. 25// All is calm...

Taken Dec. 25// Somebody got the last two Harry Potter dvds in their stocking (my brother)! Here I was getting ready to watch the last one for the first time. I REALLY liked it. Number one was always my favorite just because of the sheer excitement I had to see it. Then somewhere along they way, they got even BETTER. After watching this one I thought, "Yep! That one is my favorite!". Maybe they're all my favorite?

Taken Dec. 26// I love the day after Christmas. The fun continues. The pictures will speak for themselves:

I...We...Ate a lot of food like this. When my Mom was growing up, Christmas dinner was a buffet of cold cuts. We have done that off and on over the years. It's what I prefer. This year, my Mom wanted to cook. So, we had a cold cut tray for lunches during my Great Uncle's visit. I ate a lot of sandwiches. And that water bottle has been my companion too. I drink a lot of water, right now I'm drinking even more.

Some friends (the same ones who got me hooked on those date balls we've been eating all month) sent us this game for Christmas. I have turned my nose up at this game for years. I am HOOKED. I've won some, I've lost some. It's strategy and makes you work a little bit. Pride comes before a fall and humility before honor.

I looked like this....Tired and crazy haired...And WHITE. Hello, January. Christmas games (khet and apples to apples over and over again), visiting, and late night *early morning* movie watching can be blamed.

They looked like this. Perfectly cute, as usual!

Taken Dec. 27// Jesus, Mary, and Joseph have made it to the manger. The townspeople continue to go about their business. Meanwhile, the wise men are making their way to see the savior. In other words, we're still looking forward to Epiphany!!! Christmas isn't over yet. The house still looks like Christmas and the days still feel like Christmas is coming.

Taken Dec. 27// This showed up in the living room sometime after Christmas. I think somebody is hooked.

Taken Dec. 27// One of my favorite pictures from the whole month. I love these three windows and the cheer the bring.

Taken Dec. 29// Starting to think about 2013...Realizing that the theme ought to be DRINK. Spent the last few days organizing and rearranging my room. It feels good to start the new year with a clean desk, some new things on the walls, and a little plan for my soul this year.

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  1. ohhh CATAN. you are so right about getting hooked.
    and pride before the fall.
    humility before honor.

    isnt it funny how much that little stinking game will teach us about ourselves!?!


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