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Friday, January 04, 2013

Four days into January! How are you doing with your hopes or goals for the year so far? 

DRINKING often is a habit that will take dedication...So far it's been great. I've been keeping my mind on pursuing it more and more as the year progresses. 

This week, I was just ENCOURAGED by some things that happened. 

Facebook, we love it, we hate it, we all use it. I've been on there for years. I use it MAINLY to keep in touch with my friends and family that live far away. Being able to see pictures, read quick updates, and even send messages has been a game changer. E-mail was great, but FB is just better. That's why I LOVE it.

But, there's the HATE of it too. You know...The awkward friend requests *really? You're my NEIGHBOR....*. The people that post WAY too often and way to DRAMATICALLY. No shame, I hide them from showing up in my news feed. The totally INAPPROPRIATE things people find and share. 

I've had a lot more of the latter lately...Complete JUNK showing up in my feed. And by junk I don't mean "boring", I mean like WRONG. And that's from the people who have managed NOT to be hidden yet! But, then there are things that happen that ENCOURAGE me. 

-> The other night I was on there and a friend of mine posted something about reading in 2013. A friend of hers mentioned something about "libraries in heaven". Pretty soon it turned into a conversation in the comments about books and reading and heaven. It basically ended with, "Heaven is going to be awesome...See ya there!" 

And then, I spent a lot of time just LOVING the fact that I get to be with God (and His people)  FOREVER. FOREVER, EVER! 

I've had so many conversations on the walls of my friends with friends of theirs that I have never met. Every single time I log off feeling ENCOURAGED. 

Here are COMPLETE strangers that FEED my soul. It makes me long for the coming of Christ...For the day we will all be with Him.

With the new year, everyone is feeling EXCITED. We're all planning ways to make THIS year THE year that is BETTER. We're SHARING more. 

We're engaging in COMMUNITY. We're sharing what we LOVE so that others may LOVE it too.

After what happened at Sandy Hook, I kept thinking about something and I shared it here...I said, 

"People were killed today...Sin was on display. But, in our hearts, on our FB walls, and wherever we have the chance to share it, the love and work and glory of God can be on display too."

Seeing it lived out is nothing short of BEAUTIFUL.

So, let's hear YOUR new years talk...

Hopes? Dreams? Goals? Words?

What are you loving lately? 

What's on YOUR mind? 

Let's kick off the new year right. Come back Monday for a link up you could use to share the love and work and glory of God that's been showing up in your life lately! 

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  1. AMEN...
    I am shocked, floored really, at some of the crap and absolute garbage people post. I keep thinking "is this how you want the world to see and understand you...really?!" ahhh yuck.
    BUT YES there is an absolute encouragement when someone is so honest spiritually! :)


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