The Scenic Route

Monday, January 07, 2013

The first week of January looked a lot like this. There was one day that involved SUNSHINE and BLUE SKIES. The temperatures have been COLD and the wind very biting.

Still, there has been good food, good company, and a pretty good life.

I visited with my friend Alice last week. We got to share stories from our Christmas celebrations. We got to look back on life...Especially her life. Remembering the good things in the days gone by.

If you know someone who is older or alone, give them some of your time. Listen to whatever is on their heart. It's nice for them, but it's even better for you.

Ask questions to keep them talking. And listen to their answers, listen in a way that leads you to learn from your time with them.

Last week I also decided it was time to pull out some more comfort food. There was fried chicken, mashed potatoes, egg sandwiches, cooked apples, green beans, sweet tea, bacon, and I'm still dreaming up other things to make.

My mind is turning towards the soups that I haven't made for a while.

There was also plenty of time spent cleaning and organizing after so many days just laying around. I love pulling my hair back, turning on some music, and getting down to the business of turning things back to the way they are supposed to be.

And of course, I got to start working on some of my goals for 2013. I took more pictures,  gathered a few addresses to write letters, spent time DRINKING, and continued to think about my life and where what I do with "today" is leading me.

Always winter....I'll admit, I struggle with it a little bit. All of the holidays have come and gone. The cold has set in and the fight for joy becomes a little more real to me. God makes beautiful things, I just have to SEE them that way. 
May your winter be a time to see these beautiful things and savor the God who has put them in your life. 


  1. hey Victoria! I nominated you for the Liebster award. all the details are on my blog. :)


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