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Saturday, October 05, 2013

What a weekend it has been! And yes, I know it's only Saturday. 
Last night I tried out the Pioneer Woman's recipe for french bread pizzas on my brother and sister. I was crazy about them, but they weren't impressed.

We also watched a very cheesy movie called "Spy School" and finished off a package of oreos and some ice cream. I was going to do smores, but somehow, I completely forgot about that until it was too late. 
This morning, we got up bright and early to head out to a little fall bazaar. This particular bazaar is kind of like Black Friday. People have their eyes on what they want and they show up early to get a good place in line. I stood in line while everyone else got breakfast. 
It was a PERFECT day. Very chilly first thing this morning, but by 10 it was perfectly calm, completely dry, and there was a beautiful blue sky. I'd forgotten just how lovely fall can be!  (You might hear me say that a lot - I'm thinking it all of time.)

We came away with sooo many good things including books, games, legos, some tea cups, a wooden thing that holds a couple decks of cards and some dice, fresh donuts (the kind they fry right in front of you), and of course FOOD.  


After things were finished there, we headed out to do some geocaching on the way back home.We were 3 for 3 again today. :)

I did a lot of thinking in that line this morning. At first it was soooo cold nobody was really talking. 
Pretty soon I started talking to the guy beside me and it wasn't long before the guy beside him and the lady beside me were talking too. We had our own little circle right in the middle of this line. And then of course as we were wandering around we ran into people that we actually know.

So, yes, it's only Saturday...But this has been a wonderful weekend already! The weather is perfect, I've been having fun with most of the people that I love, and God is there reminding me WHY all of these things are so good. 

What has your weekend been full of? I'd love to hear about it! 

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  1. I love this post! It was great to hear what you were up to today! It sounds like a really great sibling weekend. The funny thing is, when it's just us kids, s'mores are our go-to special treat as well!
    This morning I made a Rachel Ray breakfast casserole (almost made Pioneer Woman's!) and pumpkin spice lattes for the family. Since then, we've been cleaning the house top to bottom and getting the outside winter-ready as well.
    Miss you, and hope all is going well with you!

  2. I've always wanted to go geocaching!
    Uhh those pizzas look i'll be your sibling hahahah.
    Sounds like a great weekend (for it only being Saturday)


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