Three Poets

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Last night I went to a poetry reading where three poets shared poems they wrote and some they enjoy.
Here were three people very passionate about writing and appreciative of words. I connected with them as writers.


As I sat there listening to the pieces that they chose to share I noticed a common theme. The words they communicated revealed souls that were deaf and blind to the wonder of God. 
With their ears each of these writers LISTEN to the sounds that so many other people completely tune out. Though they heard the birds, the traffic, the quiet, and the joy, they could not hear the chorus line.

With their eyes each of these writers LOOK at the world around them. Though they saw the beauty of children, trees, shooting stars, and wild life, they missed the real point.

In each of the poems I heard souls whose looking and listening led to thoughts of despair, dying, joy in created things, hopelessness, and a sense that after today all is meaningless. 

One man seemed to have a sense that maybe there was something else to understand...He spoke of "the art around us...and the art 'out there'". He spoke of being convinced that there is more than just the art we see. He said that we are MEANT to see more. 
If you can SEE and HEAR, if your eyes and ears lead you to delight in God, THANK HIM. 

If you are having trouble or maybe if you've never had this sense of awe, ASK HIM. 

There IS art "out there". There IS more to what we see and hear and we ARE meant to observe it. 
God made it all and He meant for us to LOOK BEYOND the finger of creation (the art we see) to what it is pointing to (Him, the Artist who made it all)

Last night, those three poets served together as a finger that pointed me back to Him. Those there poets served together as a voice that beckoned me to go to the truth.

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