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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Last night I finished reading "I Dared to Call Him Father". If you're at all interested in stories of people who didn't know God coming to know God, there are TWO books I would recommend to you right now.

"Surprised by Oxford" by Carolyn Weber is one. Look into it! If you love words you will probably relate to her. 

"I Dared to Call Him Father" by Bilquis Sheikh is the other one. Her simple faith in God is absolutely fascinating. 

I just happened to read these two books back to back...I did not plan it that way, but apparently God did. I placed holds on a bunch of books at the library and those were some of the first available ones that came my way. 

Taking a break to read about the first time someone comes to truly UNDERSTAND the things of God was so refreshing. 

I don't get to experience that AWE very often at all these days.

Understanding begins with the Word of God.

Once we come to live by that Word, we CONTINUE in it being SUSTAINED by it. 

Bilquis shared a special bond with a woman named Synnove. It was Synnove, a Christian missionary, who answered many of her questions in the early days and proved to be a wonderful friend until Bilquis died. 

Together these women had something unique. For their many differences, they both KNEW God. And knowing God, they helped each other to know Him more. 

One night, Synnove came to visit Bilquis. Bilquis was so excited to see her because, "The best part is that you have brought Jesus with you!" 

Synnove replied and her reply taught me something, "Yes, my dear Bilquis, and you bring Jesus to me! Didn't he promise that if even just two of us would meet together He Himself would be there with us?"

You've probably read that verse before. I know I have.

Last night I reflected on what it is like to be with other Christians. Even if I've never, ever met them before, there is an instant connection as soon as we start talking about God, knowing Him, and what we have seen Him do.

Last night I realized that it's not the other Christians that I'm crazy about, it's God IN them.

Knowing and getting together with other Christians is special because it is in that place that we can SEE and HEAR God in a special way.

Even in our time together, there is MORE.

Christian, you DO bring Jesus with you! May people who come into your presence know that He is there!

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  1. I love that insight that it's God in other Christians that I am crazy about! I have a feeling that is going to help deepen many of my relationships! And those books sound wonderful--I will have to look them up. A similar book that I love is "Mimosa" by Amy Carmichael. It is a fabulous, and very convicting book. Have you read it before?

  2. Lauren, you MUST look them up! I am sure you will especially enjoy them.

    I haven't read "Mimosa", but I will add it my list! Do you happen to be on Goodreads?

    BTW, I just noticed your new profile picture - LOVE it!!!

  3. so glad you're doing this too :) it feels good to be intentional about blogging every single day about something, doesn't it!?

  4. No, I'm not on GoodReads. Should I be? (-;
    Melanie took my picture--thanks! I love yours, too!


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