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Thursday, October 24, 2013

I've discovered something else about coming to realize just how sinful we really are. 

As Christians, with sin comes the need to CONFESS those sins. We must not sit around dwelling on the fact that we are DEAD in sin, we must move on to be glad in knowing that we are ALIVE in Christ. 

Sin is death. 

Christ is life.

By the grace of God, we are CALLED and CAPABLE of putting off the old ways of sin and death and putting on the new ways of Christ and life. 


Once again, Bilquis in her book "I Dared to Call Him Father" had something to teach me about this...She was really struggling with her sin. It was discouraging her. Things like white lies said to protect herself, anxiety, and fear were some of the specific sins she mentioned. They were overtaking her, she could not go on without them. 

BUT THEN, she learned that when she realized what she had done it was IMPERATIVE that she confess those sins. Each time she would turn to God in order to put off sin, she found herself taking up Christ. 

It's the same for all of us. We cannot walk in death and life. We cannot walk in sin and in Christ. We will sin and each time we find ourselves there, it is a call to go back. To go to God to confess, to remind ourselves of the Gospel and what we have in Christ.

It is in confessing sin that we get to SEE and to HEAR reality for a moment. We see ourselves for what we really are and it causes us to RUN to God in order to call on His strength. 
We ARE wicked.
God IS doing something about it.
He feeds us His Word, His truth, and His glory. He ASSURES us that, no matter what, we ARE His.
Walking in that looks like living life and constantly going to Him, letting each sin be a reminder of our weakness and His holiness and grace. 
In this, we are simply living life as God intended it. Through Him, for Him, and by the grace He supplies. This is what I mean by looking and listening.  

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  1. amen, we can not do both.
    so very true.
    I've found that every time I go to God with my sin, it's a check, a moment to really remember who Christ is, what His sacrifice means, and that I have the ability to step in the presence of God. so yes-as you said it-it's a moment to take back up the cross and move forward.


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